These Are The Coolest Cat Tattoo Ideas

Inspo for your new favorite ink 😻

cat tattoo

Your cat obsession is one you’ll hold onto forever, so it’s no wonder so many animal lovers get kitties permanently inked.

Whether you’re looking for a cat tattoo that’ll serve as a lifelong tribute to your BFF, or just want a piece that’s cute or cool, we’ve rounded up some ideas to bring to your artist.

Best cat tattoo ideas

These are some of our favorite cat tattoo ideas:

The cutest cat scratch

This black and blue baby

Your favorite kitties with your favorite human

A colorful leg sleeve

This sweet outline

A lifelike cat who could walk right off your skin

The most adorable cat butts

A stunning portrait of your BFF

A geometric cat face

Cat ink for Disney lovers

The Creation of Cat

Something simple and sentimental

Tips for getting the perfect cat tattoo

  • If your cat is your inspiration, bring photos: Even if you’re not getting the most intricate portrait of your BFF, pictures will help the tattoo artist really capture your cat’s personality.
  • Bring design references: This will help your artist understand the aesthetic and style you want, even if you aren’t looking to replicate a real cat.
  • Book with an experienced artist: Since you know you want some cat ink, look for an artist who has experience with cat tattoos. This is especially important if you want something realistic, but also applies to other styles.
  • Check out artist portfolios: Before booking your appointment, take a look at the artist’s portfolio. (You should be able to find this on social media or the studio’s website.) If you like what you see and vibe with the artist’s style, you can go into your big day confident that you’ll love your new ink.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to some permanent ink, you could always take some temporary cat tattoos for a test drive.

And when you’re ready for the real deal, the best part is knowing you’ll have a cat tattoo you can cherish forever.

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