50+ Cat Puns That Are Totally Hiss-Terical

You need to see these right meow.

Even if you roll your eyes at them, you probably secretly love a good pun. And no matter your feelings about silly jokes, these cat puns will definitely put a smile on your face (or smile and cringe at the same time!).

What makes a pun different from a joke? It’s all about the cheesy wordplay. Rather than relying on a setup and a punchline, you can simply change up a word or use a word with more than one spelling to make the whole scenario that much more punny.

Keep these cat puns at the ready so you’re always prepared to make your fur-ends laugh. See what we did there?

Kitten and cat puns

These simple kitten and cat puns should definitely be kept in your back pocket at all times.

  1. That was a cat-astrophe.
  2. She’s got cat-itude!
  3. My cat’s favorite book is “The Great Cats-by.”
  4. Cats’ favorite day of the week is Cat-urday.
  5. You’ve cat to be kitten me!
  6. I’m feline fine!

Puns about paws and fur

You’ll find these paws and fur puns come in way too handy during conversation!

  1. Paw-don me.
  2. You’re the cat’s paw-jamas!
  3. Try to stay paw-sitive.
  4. Now that was quite the faux-paw.
  5. Sit up straight! Remember good paw-sture.
  6. Take a paws and calm down.
  7. Paw-lease listen to me!
  8. If cats could paint, they’d only paint paw-traits.
  9. These puns are a-paw-ling.
  10. You’re my best fur-end.
  11. Don’t fur-get to buy more cat food!
  12. Friends fur-ever!
  13. You look fur-miliar.
  14. I’m so fur-tunate to have such a great cat!
  15. So fur, so good!
  16. If cats could drive, they’d drive Fur-raris.
  17. Un-fur-tunately, I’ll be unable to attend.
  18. Believe me! I’m fur real!

Hiss, purr and meow puns

The more cat puns, the better!

  1. You’ll go down in hiss-story.
  2. That’s hiss-terical!
  3. When my cat gets allergies, she takes an anti-hiss-tamine.
  4. Stop fighting! Hiss and make up.
  5. I’m a big cat purr-son.
  6. My cat has quite the purr-sonality!
  7. And she’s also very purr-suasive.
  8. And she knows she’s purr-ty.
  9. Purr-haps.
  10. The cat got confused. She was purr-plexed.
  11. You’re purr-fect the way you are.
  12. A cat’s favorite color is purr-ple.
  13. If cats taught school, they’d be called purr-fessors.
  14. Wait a meow-nute.
  15. That’s a-meow-zing.
  16. How do you like me meow?
  17. Meow you doing?
  18. Enjoy every meow-ment.
  19. Help meow-t!
  20. My cat should be here any minute meow.
  21. I’m as good as mew.
  22. That’s mew-sic to my ears!
  23. Cats who like water are probably mew-maids.
  24. My cat hates to work. She always does the bare mew-nimum.

Other silly cat puns

These funny puns will definitely make your friends’ eyes roll.

  1. My cat got fined for littering.
  2. I’m litter-ally not kidding.
  3. That’s claw-some.
  4. Do your own thing. Don’t be a copycat.

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