The Best Christmas Ornaments For Cat Lovers

Trim your tree with these ornaments 😻🎄

cat ornaments

If you’re a cat parent, you’ll definitely want to trim your Christmas tree with some cat-themed decor.

And of course you’ll need some ornaments that are personalized just for your BFF, too.

From custom to festive to simply adorable, we found some of the best cat ornaments for your tree.

The best cat ornaments to decorate your tree

This ornament that’s totally customizable: Cat Ornament and Keepsake

This cat ornament has a ribbon around his neck with a tag that you can get personalized with his name. The ornament is completely customizable, too.

Not only can you add your cat’s name, but you can also choose the color of the cat and the ribbon. It’s handmade out of enamel and has a pretty red ribbon for hanging.

The cutest ceramic kitties: Cat Ornament

This ceramic cat ornament is handmade and hand painted. You can choose from tons of color options to customize it to match your cat, and it comes with a satin ribbon for hanging. You can add your cat’s name to the ornament, as well.

A simplistically beautiful ornament: Personalized Cat Ornament

This ornament is handmade out of birch wood. It’s the shape of a cat’s face with cute whiskers, and you can get it personalized with your cat’s name.

You can also choose from a bunch of different colors, including turquoise, rose gold, black, gold and silver. It includes twine to hang it on your tree.

This pretty plaid ornament: Frisco Plaid Paw Shape Metal Personalized Ornament

This paw print ornament is totally customizable. You can choose from tons of different colors for the plaid border, and you can personalize it with your cat’s picture and name (or whatever text you want to add).

It’s double-sided, so you’ll get to see your cat’s cute face on both sides. The ornament is a perfect Christmas present for cat parents.

A way to hang your cat right on the tree: Pearhead Meowy Christmas Cat Wooden Photo Ornament

This wooden picture frame ornament reads, “Meowy Christmas.” Just add a photo of your cat, and you’ll have the easiest custom ornament ever. It has a red ribbon attached for hanging.

The most adorable stocking stuffer: Frisco Cat in Stocking Resin Personalized Ornament

This personalized ornament has a cute little cat poking his head out of a stocking. It’s made of resin, and you can get the stocking customized with your cat’s name and the year to make it extra personal.

The perfect present: Conversation Concepts Black Shorthaired Tabby Cat Gift Box Red Ornament

This ornament features a black cat sitting inside an open gift box — perfect for a cat parent who thinks their cat is the best gift there is (and who doesn’t?). It has a gold cord attached for hanging.

A simple and cute ornament you can personalize: GRAPHICS & MORE Personalized Custom Black Cat in Window

This ornament shows a cat peeking through blinds. And since it’s made from natural-finish wood, it’s totally shatterproof. You can get it personalized with whatever text you want, like your cat’s name or a holiday greeting.

This kitty in a sweet scarf: Conversation Concepts Tiny Ones Black Cat Ornament

This black-cat ornament is wearing a festive red-and-green scarf. The scarf is removable, so it can make a cute decoration in the spring and summer. It has a gold loop string attached to hang it on your tree.

A clever ornament for prankster cats: "Oh Christmas Tree" Cat Resin Christmas Ornament

If you like funny ornaments, this one's for you. There’s a cat on top of a Christmas tree, and it reads, “Your ornaments are history” — probably relatable for anyone with a mischievous cat.

There are red jingle bells on the sides of the tree that ring whenever they move, so you’ll know if your own cat messes with the tree.

This handmade glass kitty: Old World Christmas Ornaments: Cat Lover Collection Glass Blown Ornaments

This ornament is glass blown for a super fancy effect. It’s hand painted and even has glitter for some extra holiday fun. There are multiple cats to choose from, including a black-and-white cat, a kitten with ribbon and an ornament, and even a Cheshire cat.

A festive, fuzzy ornament: Ornativity Christmas Mini Cat Ornament

This plush cat ornament is super cute. The black-and-white cat is wearing a red-and-green striped scarf and has a gold loop string to hang him on your tree.

Once you deck your tree with all your cute cat ornaments, you might want to get some cat-proof ones, too, in case your BFF decides to knock them all off.

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