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15 Mother's Day Gifts For The Obsessed Cat Mom In Your Life

That she'll actually use 😻❤️💁‍♀️

Cat mom gifts

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So, you need a gift for the cat mom in your life.

You can’t just get her anything, though. She deserves only the best for being such an awesome pet parent to her totally spoiled cat kid.

The Dodo rounded up the best cat mom gifts of 2021 to help you find the coolest and trendiest cat-inspired gifts on the internet, so you can get her something she’ll really like. (And most of them will be here by Mother’s Day if you have Amazon Prime!)

Cat measuring spoons
For the cat-loving chef or baker, this cat-shaped measuring spoon set is cute for the kitchen and definitely an upgrade from the typical stainless steel set everyone has.
Cat ring dish
If a cat mom has to store her jewelry somewhere, it should be this cute ceramic cat ring dish. It’s super well-made and super cute.
Cat hair remover
All cat moms need this vacuum for pet hair. It’s really effective at sucking up fur from carpets and other fabrics and, since it’s so portable, it’s great for using in the car and on clothes.
Cat coloring book
Coloring is a surprisingly chill way to spend a weeknight, and it can actually induce a meditative state that reduces anxiety. Plus, the finished product is an adorable cat-themed mandala she can hang on her fridge.
Cat friendship bracelet
She’ll love showing off her BFF status with her cat when they’re wearing this matching bracelet and cat collar set.
Cat mug
This gift is perfect for cat moms who enjoy a couple cups of coffee in the morning. Once she sees the cat sitting inside this cat mug, she’ll know it’s time for a refill.
Cat grass
If she’s mentioned how her cat likes to chew on grass or houseplants, both her and her cat will love this cat-safe alternative. It comes in a cute cat planter too, so it’ll definitely be a welcome addition to her home decor.
Dog mom baseball hat
This cat mom baseball cap will show the world she loves her cat kids and she’s ready to strike up a convo about them at any moment.
Cat mom pillow
If the cat mom in your life is actually a total bada*s, she needed this pillow, like, yesterday.
Cat planters
This gift is for cat moms who have a green thumb and whimsical taste.
Cat blanket
This sherpa blanket is so incredibly comfy, and it has the cutest illustrations of cats on it. The cat mom in your life would love to snuggle up in this for a night-in with her cat.
Cat custom pillow
This pillow can be customized to look like her cat, which is perfect for all those times she wants to cuddle but her cat just isn’t in the mood.
Cat incense holder
Even if she doesn’t like to burn incense, this gorgeous ceramic cat is a beautiful piece of vintage-looking pottery.
Cat camera
If the cat mom in your life is heading back to work, this cat camera will make her feel better about leaving her cat for eight hours a day. It even comes with a built-in laser she can control from anywhere for some much-needed remote playtime with her cat.
Cat portrait
You can’t go wrong with a custom pet portrait of the cat she loves so much.
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