Cat Furniture That Will Actually Upgrade Your Home

No more ugly hunks of plastic 👋

Cat furniture

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Your home style is important — and nothing can feel more out of place than a piece that just doesn’t blend in.

But it can be hard to find cat furniture that your pets will love, and that you won't hate looking at every day — especially since a lot of cat furniture can feel sort of gimmicky.

So after scouring the internet for cat furniture that doesn’t feel too “cat-like,” The Dodo’s has compiled some of the cutest pieces that can blend seamlessly into your home — and that both you and your cat will enjoy.

Grinnell Eco Litter Box Enclosure

Eco Litter Box Enclosure

Why You’ll Love It: This enclosed litter box is perfect for keeping your cat’s business out of the way of your business — or your guests’. It has an easy-access open space so your cat can get right in, and a built in scratchpad. But the best part? It’ll blend right in (and you can even use the top as a cute shelf).

Buy it now from Wayfair for $92.99

44" Adriana Sphere Scratch Post Cat Tree

Sphere Scratch Post for Cats

Why You’ll Love It: This circular scratching post-meets-cat-perch is on-trend and insanely adorbs. Rumor has it people even purchase it who don’t have a cat — it’s that cute.

Buy it now from Wayfair for $255.99

Retro Cat House

Modern Cat Furniture

Why You’ll Love It: This retro cat house/cat bed can double as a super mod end table, allowing your cat to snuggle up at night right next to your bed — when she’s not on your head, that is. It’s also the coziest hideaway, so don’t be surprised if your cat never wants to come out. 

Buy it now from Etsy for $195.72

Hexagon Cat Shelves

Hexagon Cat Shelves

Why You’ll Love It: These hexagon cat shelves can work with lots of styles — especially because you can choose between black or dark walnut (and some cute designs)! They’re super customizable, so you can get either one or up to six shelves and make the perfect cat perch for your space. 

Buy them now from Etsy for $79+

Wooden Cat Shelf

Wooden Cat Shelf

Why You’ll Love It: Sturdy and stylish, this cat shelf will look like it’s always belonged in your home, and it’s perfect for small spaces — really, get a second one to use for some books or classic shelf decor — *heart eyes*. 

Buy it now from Etsy for $72+

Pyramid Cat Nest

Pyramid Cat Nest
Urban Outfitters

Why You’ll Love It: This woven wicker pyramid will be a piece that you’ll probably get compliments on — who wouldn’t love it!? There’s also a built-in pom pom for added playtime whenever your cat is cuddled up inside this cushioned nest.

Buy it now from Urban Outfitters for $209

Dominic Kitty Ball Hooded Designer Elevated Cat Bed

Elevated Round Modern Cat Bed

Why You’ll Love It: This statement hooded cat bed is going to fit right into any mod home. Not only will your cat love curling up inside for a nap, but you’ll love how well it blends in to the rest of your decor.

Buy it now from Wayfair for $128.99

69" Cleopatra Cat Tree

Cleopatra Cat Tree

Why You’ll Love It: This four-tiered cat tree doesn’t look like your typical cat tree. Unless your cats are on it, your guests will think it’s just a cool wavy modern piece — and they’ll probably wonder where you got it.

Buy it now from Wayfair for $369.99

Hauspanther Collection by Primetime Petz Designer Specialty Cat Bed

Specialty Cat Bed

Why You’ll Love It: Cats love curling up in sinks, so now you can bring the sink to the living room — but in a way that actually looks good in your space.

Buy it now from Wayfair for $99.99

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