Cat Furniture That Will Actually Upgrade Your Home

No more ugly hunks of plastic 👋

Cat furniture

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Your home style is important — and nothing can feel more out of place than a piece that just doesn’t blend in.

So when you’re trying to find furniture for your cat, like an enclosed litter box or a cat tree, it can be hard to find something you won't hate looking at every day since a lot of cat furniture just isn’t aesthetic.

So after scouring the internet for cat furniture that doesn’t feel too “cat-like,” The Dodo has compiled some of the cutest pieces that can blend seamlessly into your home — and that both you and your cat will enjoy.

Best cat litter box furniture

One of the ugliest pieces of cat equipment is their litter box — but we’ve found some products that can hide your cat’s litter box while contributing to the overall aesthetic of your house.

Kells Litter Box Enclosure

This enclosed litter box is perfect for keeping your cat’s business out of the way of your business — or your guests’. It has an easy-access open space so your cat can get right in, and it comes with a built-in scratchpad. But the best part? It’ll blend right in with your decor (and you can even use the top as a cute shelf).

Sweet Barks X-Large Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench

Here’s a versatile piece of cat furniture that will not only keep your cat’s litter box tucked away, but it can also double as the perfect nightstand, end table or coffee table. It fits a large litter box or two smaller ones, with the inside dimensions measuring 34” x 19” x 19” and the cat opening measuring 9” x 9”.

Hoobro Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Is rustic more your style? This is a piece that you’d probably get even if you didn’t have a cat. It comes with an adjustable divider inside so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Best cat bed furniture

Although it’s not hard to find cat beds that are pretty cute, these ones go above and beyond in the style department.

Retro Cat House

This retro cat house/cat bed can double as a super mod end table, allowing your cat to snuggle up at night right next to your bed — when she’s not on your head, that is. It’s also the coziest hideaway, so don’t be surprised if your cat never wants to come out. 

YoSpot Hand Made Wicker Cat Bed Basket

This woven wicker basket will be a piece that you’ll probably get compliments on — who wouldn’t love it?! There’s also a built-in pom-pom for added playtime whenever your cat is cuddled up inside this cushioned nest.

PawHut 28" Hooded Rattan Wicker Round Elevated Condo

This statement hooded cat bed is going to fit right into any mod home. Not only will your cat love curling up inside for a nap, but you’ll love how well it blends into the rest of your decor.

Best cat playhouse furniture

Cats love to play, but sometimes their scratching posts are not cute. These different playtime products will keep both you and your cat happy.

Hexagon Wall Cat Shelves

These hexagon cat shelves can work with lots of styles — especially because you can choose between black, white, gray, oak, dark walnut and light-colored wood! They’re super customizable, and you can choose between some cute designs and even the shape of the step. 

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Furniture

This four-tiered cat tree doesn’t look like your typical cat tree. Unless your cats are on it, your guests will think it’s just a cool, wavy, modern piece — and they’ll probably wonder where you got it.

PawHut 2-Level Elevated Waterproof Outdoor Wooden Treehouse

Who says you can’t bring your cat outside, too? This playhouse can sit nestled in your backyard without anyone even suspecting it’s for your cat. It comes in two different colors and promises long-lasting durability. 

Having a cat doesn’t have to mean your house looks like you have a cat. These pieces will blend in perfectly and even add some pizzazz to your space.