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11 Gifts For Guys Who Love Their Cat

For the cat man in your life 🖤

cat dad gifts

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Cat dads know how to spoil their cat kids.

This Father’s Day, the cat dad in your life definitely deserves something special for being such an awesome pet parent.

The Dodo rounded up 11 of the best cat dad gifts on the internet, so you can surprise him with something he’ll love.

Cat mug
This ceramic, speckled mug can hold about 15 ounces, so it’s perfect for guys who love coffee (and their cat).
Catnip buds
His cat would probably love nothing more than to chill out with a bud of catnip. It’s the perfect way for his cat to take the edge off and share some bonding time with the coolest dad ever.
Cat shelf
This cat shelf comes with a built-in hammock for those times his cat just wants to hang out. Cats love being up high, and your cat dad will love making his cat kid happy.
Cat dad book
If he’s new to the whole cat-dad thing, he might appreciate this guide that shows him the ropes.
Custom cat portrait
The cat dad in your life probably thinks of his cat like royalty, so this custom pet portrait is pretty spot-on.
Cat shirt
This shirt is a subtle ode to his slight obsession with cats.
Pet hair vacuum
He probably could really use this portable pet hair vacuum that’s perfect for sucking up the layer of cat fur from his clothes.
Cat beer glass
For the cat dads who could care less what anyone thinks (and would love some beer), this glass makes the perfect gift.
Outdoor cat enclosure
Give his cat the gift of the great outdoors with this portable catio. Think of all the fun they’ll have hanging out in the yard together on a warm summer night. So cute!
Cat tree
This cat tree is super elegant and has a mid-century modern look that will fit in seamlessly with the rest of his furniture.
Cat camera
Your cat dad will be psyched to return to the office once he has this cat camera. He’ll spend so much time (probably more than he should!) teasing his cat with the built-in laser. While it’s a splurge item, it’ll definitely make him feel extra special.
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