15 Cat Christmas Gifts That Should Be Under Your Tree

Christmas morning can’t come soon enough 😻

christmas gifts for cats

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to put in your cat’s stocking this year. Luckily, we’re here to help streamline your shopping. We found some of the best cat Christmas gifts you can grab ahead of the holiday rush.

From festive catnip toys and treats to massive cat trees that will blow your cat’s mind, there’s something here for every cat and every cat parent’s price point.

Check out the below list of cat Christmas gifts that will end your cat’s 2022 on a massive high note.

The best cat Christmas gifts you can buy this year

For the fetch lover: Wondershop Ornament Cat Toys

These plush ornaments are infused with catnip, so your BFF will have a blast on Christmas morning. Thanks to them being lightweight and having a soft exterior, these toys are easy to grab, throw and carry around the house.

Your one-stop shop: Chiwava 17-Pack Stocking Gift Set

This pre-packed bag from Chiwava is filled to the brim with holiday-themed cat toys like crinkle balls, bells, rattlers and feathers. You get 17 toys in all, which will provide plenty of fun for your cat throughout the end of the year and into the next!

For cats who like to play dress-up: Lamphyface 2 Pack Christmas Cat Collars

It doesn’t get more Christmas-y than red-and-green plaid. These plaid bow tie collars from Lamphyface come in two different plaid colors, each adorned with sparkly snowflakes and jingle bells. The collars have quick-release buckles that will come apart if they feel the slightest resistance, keeping your cat safe. 

Because toy mice are always a hit: Frisco Holiday Mice Cat Toy

You can pick up a pack of five mice for your cat to play with and inevitably lose all over the house! These little guys are decorated with classic red-and-green patterns to celebrate Christmas and are each packed with catnip to keep your cat entertained for hours.

For scratch-happy cats: Frisco Holiday Mistletoe Wave Scratcher

Let your cat scratch all through Christmas day and beyond with the Frisco holiday mistletoe wave scratcher. Sprinkle some of her favorite catnip into the cardboard crevices, and she’ll be glued to the thing all day long. And the subtle mistletoe print looks festive for the season yet will continue to match your aesthetic after the holidays are said and done.

For a little treat after Christmas dinner: Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Cat Treats

Did you know your cat’s favorite treats come in holiday flavors? Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats taste like a full Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house complete with turkey and sweet potato. They’re crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and a favorite among thousands of cats for a reason.

For those long winter’s naps: Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Bed

With the winter weather on its way, make sure your cat has the perfect bed to be as snug as a bug in. This self-warming bed from Aspen Pet comes in four different sizes and is lined with faux sherpa and an internal layer that reflects your cat’s body heat, keeping her super cozy.

A gift for both of you to enjoy: The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Kit

You’ll have fun planting this organic cat grass from The Cat Ladies, and your cat will have fun eating it once it sprouts. Cat grass is great for aiding your cat’s digestion, and this organic mix is safe and tasty. 

The treat she won’t stop begging for: INABA Churu Holiday Tuna & Chicken Lickable Cat Treats

Cats go crazy for the lickable cat treats from INABA, and your cat will love the tuna and chicken holiday variety. Each individual tube is a single serving of delicious cat treat that can be served on its own or added to kibbles as a meal topper.

If your cat is a tunnel runner: Frisco Holiday Ho Ho Ho Tri-chute Foldable Tunnel

This foldable tunnel from Frisco has three different chutes for your cat to play in. It’s also decorated for the holidays with penguins, snowmen and reindeer, and even includes a plush penguin at the center for your cat to play with. And when playtime is over, the entire tunnel folds flat for storage.

For the cat who *loves* catnip: Cat Crack Catnip

Give your catnip-obsessed BFF the best of the best this holiday season by putting a jar of Cat Crack in her stocking. Over 14,100 pet parents say this stuff is the best out there and will make your cat wild out like nobody's watching. Sprinkle it in her favorite scratch pad, in a cotton pouch or just dust a pinch on the floor and wait to see the magic happen.

Gift your cat a spa day: Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

The Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center is basically a 24/7 spa for your cat. It’s designed with a variety of brushes and textures that cats will love to groom themselves on, it has a catnip container that’s meant to be chewed, and it also comes with a comfy pad for your cat to relax on. And the box the Wellness Center comes in can even be turned into a toy.

A holiday-themed cat cave: Frisco Holiday Santa Hat Cave Bed

Your cat can curl up away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays in this cozy cave bed from Frisco that’s shaped like a Santa hat. The interior cushion can be removed and washed, and the entire inside is lined in a super-soft plush made for napping. 

A mini-mansion for your cat: Frisco 72-Inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

This cat tree from Frisco is the ultimate cat tree — it comes with four tiers, two condos and scratch posts galore. You can pick one up in one of six colors and then watch your cat fall head over heels for this thing come Christmas morning.

This cat tree is literally a tree: On2Pets Large Modern Cat Tree

Your cat will feel like she’s prowling through the jungle when playing on this leafy cat tree from On2Pets. It comes in both spring and autumn colors and features three tiers for your cat to hang out on. 

With these gifts underneath the Christmas tree, your cat is about to have the best Christmas morning ever!

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