5 Cat Car Seats For An (Almost) Stress-Free Ride

Car seats your cat might actually tolerate 🙀

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Planning to hit the road with your cat?

If your cat hates being stuck in a cat carrier, a cat car seat might be the next best thing.

What is a cat car seat?

Unlike cat carriers (which look more like kennels), car seats aren’t usually enclosed, but they still keep your cat restrained, so she can take in a little more of the world around her while staying safe.

Cat car seats do require your cat to be attached by her harness, so make sure you have her favorite one ready to go.If you don’t have a harness already you can try this one from Amazon for $11.15.

Of course, some cats would totally prefer a carrier, so it’s best to check with your veterinarian on which product she recommends for your cat.

But if a cat car seat is on your radar, these are some that will keep her cozy and happy — or as happy as a cat in a car could be.

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Booster Seat

A car seat is perfect for cats who love being off the ground. This car seat has three stabilizing attachment points so even carsick-prone cats can enjoy the ride.

Snoozer Console Pet Car Seat

If your cat can’t deal with being away from you, this console car seat is perfect for keeping her safe and secure while still being able to be right next to you.

Pet Gear View 360 Pet Carrier & Car Seat

This car seat comes with a booster seat frame that you can easily install and a removable fleece comfort pad for the coziest ride. The best part? It doubles as a super cute cat carrier — so if your cat prefers enclosed spaces, this is the one for you.

Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat for Dogs Or Cats

This car seat gives your cat her favorite thing: a window seat. It also has zippered storage pockets so you can have her toys or favorite treats along for the ride.

Airline Approved Pettom Pet Car Booster Seat Carrier

Not only can this car seat also be used as a cat carrier, but it’s TSA approved — so you can easily jetset with your cat without having to get a whole other travel bag.