The Best Car Harnesses To Survive Traveling With Your Cat

Up your safety game 😽


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Planning to hit the road with your cat?

If your cat hates being stuck in a cat carrier, a cat car harness and seat belt might be a better option.

But with so many to choose from, how can you find the best car harness and seat belt for your cat?

The Dodo rounded up cat car harnesses and seat belts with awesome safety features so you can find one that will keep your cat secure for a stress-free car ride.

How does a cat car harness and seat belt work?

To use a cat harness and seat belt in the car, you attach a special safety strap (known as a cat seat belt) to your cat’s harness and hook it up to either your car’s headrest or the car’s seat belt. This helps prevent your cat from running all over the car while you’re driving, and keeps her safely in place while heading to your destination

There are different options when it comes to keeping your cat safe in the car (from using cat car seats to cat carriers), so it’s best to check with your veterinarian on which one she recommends for your individual cat.

If a cat car harness and seat belt combo is on your radar, these are some of the best ones available.

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash

Don’t have a harness already? This one is lightweight and comfortable, which will help make sure your cat’s first experience with a harness is a positive one. 

Bwogue 2 Pack Dog/Cat Safety Seat Belt

This seat belt attaches to your headrest and comes in a variety of colors. It easily converts into a leash, which is perfect for cats who love going on walks.

SlowTon Dog & Cat Seat Belt

This is another cat seat belt that attaches to seats with a headrest. It has a lockable quick-release buckle that prevents the circle from opening, ensuring your cat’s safety.

Dooradar Cat Leash and Harness Set

This is a soft and breathable harness that’s perfect for attaching a cat seat belt to. It also comes with reflective bands, so it doubles as a walking harness once you’ve reached your destination.

Felyong Adjustable Car Harness Strap

This stretchy harness strap attaches to the seat belt and has a built-in bungee for any sudden braking, ensuring your cat doesn’t get accidentally injured.

SlowTon Car Harness Plus Connector Strap

This set conveniently comes with the seat belt strap plus a matching harness!