How To Throw A Cat Birthday Party

Yep, cat parties are a thing 😻

card with cat in birthday hat

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Dog birthdays are all over social media, but did you know that you can throw a birthday party for your cat too?

Your cat’s birthday (or adoption day) is a big day, so you’ll want to throw the best birthday party possible to show how much you care.

To help you out, The Dodo created a checklist of everything you need to know to throw an awesome cat birthday party.

How to throw a cat birthday party

Send out invites

Send invitations to all your cat-loving friends. This one has a cat in a birthday hat and says “Please come to my birthday party” — who can resist that?

Put up decorations

Hang your cat’s face all over your house with this birthday banner. Send in a picture of your cat and get this banner personalized to look just like him.

Add some balloons to your party too. These ones come with “Meow” letter foil balloons, a cat balloon and a polka-dot banner.

Get some fun party plates and utensils for your human guests. These are leopard print (cat-adjacent) and come with 16 plates and cups, so you can invite all your friends.

Dress up your cat

Dress your cat (if he’s OK with it) in this birthday shirt that has a cupcake on it and says “It’s My Birthday.” It comes in multiple sizes, is machine-washable and is a pullover style to easily dress your cat (as easily as he’ll let you).

Give your cat birthday treats

Give your cat some birthday treats! This interactive toy dispenses food as your cat turns the wheel, letting him play and eat delicious treats at the same time. It also has a suction cup to hold it in place on multiple surfaces, so your cat can play all over the house.

Give out gift bags

Give out some gift bags to say thank you to your guests! These paper bags have a fun paw-print pattern and come in a pack of 36, so you’ll be able to give out tons of gifts.

Hand out these colorful spring toys to your cat-parent friends. They bounce all over the place to keep your cat on his toes, and they come in a pack of 10 springs.