Can You Flush Cat Poop Down The Toilet?

Here's what you should do instead 💩

can you flush cat poop

Whenever you’re scooping out your cat’s litter box, you probably think about how easy it would be to just toss everything into your toilet and flush it away — after all, toilets are made for poop.

But can you flush cat poop?

We spoke with Dr. Maureen K. Murithi, a veterinarian working with Hepper, who explained why it’s not the best idea and can actually cause some problems.

Why you can’t flush cat poop

The main reason why you can’t flush your cat’s poop is because, a lot of the time, his poop can contain single-celled parasites that cause toxoplasmosis.

“Once in the sewage system, they may enter the environment through waterways,” Dr. Murithi told The Dodo.

The thing about toxoplasmosis is that it doesn’t only affect cats — it can affect humans too, and it’s pretty dangerous for pregnant people and immunocompromised individuals.

“The parasites can lead to abortions and congenital anomalies,” Dr. Murithi said.

The bacteria can also be harmful to marine animals.

“It has been linked to the death of dolphins, seals, whales, etc.,” Dr. Murithi said.

Can you flush cat litter?

Your cat’s poop isn’t the only thing that shouldn’t get flushed. You can’t flush the litter, either.

According to Dr. Murithi, flushing cat litter can cause major plumbing blockages.

“Cat litter is known to expand approximately 15 times when in contact with water,” Dr. Murithi said. “It also hardens like cement. This can cause problems with plumbing systems, which is expensive to repair.”

How to dispose of cat poop properly

To dispose of your cat’s poop properly and safely, it’s best to scoop it into a bag and throw it in a trash can.

“Cat poop and used litter should be put in biodegradable waste paper and disposed of in a bin,” Dr. Murithi said.

A trash can with a lid will be best for containing that stinky cat poop smell. We tested out the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can at home with our own dogs and cats, and we can honestly say that it’s actually pet-proof.

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And if you want to be extra eco-conscious, there are some circumstances when you can compost your cat’s litter.

“If using biodegradable cat litter, disposing of it in a compost pit is also a good idea,” Dr. Murithi said.

So, as tempting as it can be to just scoop your cat’s poop right into the toilet, it’s not good to flush it away. Instead, just bag it and toss it in the trash.

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