Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

And what about the leaves? 🍓

can rabbits eat strawberries

Snacking on some strawberries is super tasty — especially when they’re in season — so you might be wondering if you can slip one to your bunny for a sweet snack.

But can rabbits eat strawberries? Well, we’ve got good news! Strawberries are a safe snack for your rabbit to eat, but there are some things to keep in mind when you’re feeding them to your BFF.

We spoke with Kaitlyn Tullio, a veterinary nurse with DodoVet, to find out more about the benefits of these berries and why you shouldn’t incorporate too many into his diet.

Are strawberries good for rabbits?

According to Tullio, strawberries have a lot of benefits for rabbits, since they contain:

  • Low amounts of calcium
  • High amounts of vitamin C
  • High amounts of manganese
  • A moderate dietary fiber content
  • Vitamins and minerals

But these health benefits aren’t the only upside to feeding your rabbit strawberries.

“Added benefit: They are super cute while they enjoy eating them,” Tullio told The Dodo.

Can rabbits eat strawberry leaves?

Your rabbit can safely eat any part of the strawberry, including the leaves.

“You can remove the leafy parts if you so choose,” Tullio said. “Just remember wild rabbits eat the whole strawberry and it’s completely safe, but why not spoil your bunny?!”

Risks of feeding strawberries to rabbits

But remember that moderation is important when giving your rabbit strawberries, since they’re so high in sugar. Regularly eating too much sugar could cause obesity or impact your bunny’s dental health.

Tullio stressed that it’s also crucial to only give your rabbit fresh strawberries (and organic ones, if possible).

“Frozen or canned strawberries can cause some gastrointestinal upset for your bunny and may contain unwanted additives and preservatives,” Tullio said.

Can rabbits eat strawberries often?

You shouldn’t give your rabbit strawberries too frequently, but instead give him the berries sparingly as a treat.

“It is best to only feed them to your rabbit as a special treat,” Tullio said. “For example, once or twice a week.”

How can you safely feed strawberries to rabbits?

The safest way to feed strawberries to your rabbit is to make sure you’re limiting how many he’s eating. Tullio recommends one to three berries at a time.

“Larger rabbits can eat three without an issue, but that should be the limit,” Tullio said.

And when you do give your rabbit strawberries, it’s best if you cut them up into small, bite-sized bits.

“Sometimes they can be so excited to eat strawberries they will just swallow them whole,” Tullio said. “If you slice them or cut them into pieces, they will be able to really enjoy them.”

So there you have it — rabbits can eat strawberries. Just make sure you only give him a small amount of berries a few times a week, and cut them up when you do. Then you’ll be able to enjoy this sweet snack together.

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