Can I Get Fleas From My Dog?

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Fleas. You know all about those pesky little bugs, and maybe your dog has even had a case of the fleas once or twice before.

But have you ever wondered if you yourself can get fleas?

To find out if humans can actually get fleas, The Dodo reached out to Dr. Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian working with Doggie Designer, and Sherry Morgan, founder of Petsolino, for the inside scoop.

Can humans get fleas?

Yes, humans can battle it out with fleas, but not in the same way that dogs do.

While humans can’t get a flea infestation like their BFFs can (we just don’t have all that hair that fleas love to hide in), fleas can still manage to jump over to see what humans taste like.

Can fleas live on humans?

“Fleas cannot live on people,” Dr. Bonk told The Dodo. “Fleas like the dark and warm confines of hair or fur, and people just simply don’t have enough of these to keep them happy. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t jump over from your dog and try to test out how hospitable a person’s body might be.”

This means that while fleas won’t hop aboard and move in, they’ll happily take a bite to see what you’re all about.

What do flea bites look like on humans?

According to Morgan, flea bites can turn into very itchy red bumps that can cause you a lot of discomfort. “We often confuse them with other insect bites since they look like itchy rashes,” Morgan told The Dodo.

You can see them most commonly on the lower parts of your body, like your legs, feet and ankles, but they can also appear on the upper part of the body if you love sleeping with your pets.

“Most flea bites on humans appear like a cluster of small red dots or bumps,” Morgan said.

Other signs of flea bites on humans include:

  • Swelling
  • Reddening
  • Itchiness
  • Area is sore or painful
  • Burning sensations around the bites

How to treat flea bites on humans

Although you can easily treat flea bites at home with common ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, it’s also best to see a doctor if you suspect that you have a flea bite. “Especially if you have underlying conditions and allergies to watch out for,” Morgan said.

When treating flea bites at home, you just need to:

1. Wash the area with soap and water.
2. Treat it with an antiseptic.
3. Let it heal.

How to get rid of fleas

If you notice fleas on your dog or flea bites on you, it’s time to take action.

“Treat all furry animals in the home — this includes all dogs and cats — with a product prescribed by your vet,” Dr. Bonk recommended. “Over-the-counter flea medications generally don’t work as well and can even be dangerous.”

Other steps to take to get rid of fleas in your home include:

Treat your home.

“You will then need to treat your house since unhatched eggs that are lingering in your carpet and other places will eventually hatch and start their own infestation,” Dr. Bonk said.

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Vacuum repeatedly.

Repeated vacuuming of all possible surfaces, including carpets, furniture and drapes, can get rid of most eggs.

Wash everything.

Wash all pet beds, pillows or cushions that are washable in hot water.

Consider a premise spray.

Dr. Bonks also recommends considering a premise spray that’s safe and effective.

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“Note that some of these sprays require pets and people to be out of the house until they are dry, so be sure to read the labels before using,” Dr. Bonk said.

So while you can’t get fleas like your dog can, you can still get bitten. The best way to avoid this is to always take preventative measures to ensure your dog is protected from fleas at all times.

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But if she ever does bring some in the house (or on you), taking action as quickly as possible will help you get back to normal — and to all that snuggling.

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