Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries?

Find out if strawberries are really safe for your guinea pig.

fat guinea pig with strawberries

Strawberries are a tasty, summery fruit to snack on. And while you’re hanging out in the yard (or in front of the AC) with your guinea pig, you might want to give him a little nibble.

But are strawberries OK for guinea pigs to eat?

We reached out to Leah Fuesse, a licensed veterinary technician with DodoVet, to get the answer to the question: Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?

Are strawberries healthy for guinea pigs?

Strawberries make a healthy treat for your guinea pig. According to Fuesse, some of the health benefits of strawberries include:

  • Antioxidants to reduce inflammation and free radicals
  • Potassium to regulate blood pressure
  • Vitamin C to prevent scurvy
  • Chemical compounds that regulate cholesterol and support heart health

The vitamin C in strawberries is especially important since guinea pigs can’t produce the vitamin themselves, so they need to get it from their diet.

Strawberries also have a high fiber and water content (which can help keep your guinea pig hydrated), and they’re low in calories.

To feed strawberries to your guinea pig, thoroughly wash and cut them into small pieces before letting your pig eat them.

Can guinea pigs eat strawberries daily?

While strawberries have many health benefits for guinea pigs, they’re best in small quantities, just like with any treat.

“Too many strawberries can cause diarrhea, lead to diabetes and can lead to kidney or bladder stones due to the high calcium content,” Feusse said.

So how much strawberry can a guinea pig eat?

“Adult guinea pigs can have a total of two small- or one medium-sized strawberry once a week,” Feusse recommended.

Can guinea pigs eat strawberry leaves?

Strawberry leaves are safe for your guinea pig to eat.

“Strawberry leaves and stems are actually better for them than the fruit because of the lower sugar content — but guinea pigs may prefer the actual fruit!” Feusse said.

So you can totally give your guinea pig a couple of strawberries every once in a while. When you do, wash and chop them up, and be sure to feed them in moderation.

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