Can My Guinea Pig Eat Bananas?

Here's what you should know about bananas and guinea pigs 🍌

can guinea pigs eat bananas

A guinea pig’s diet is pretty straightforward, which is one of the reasons they make such great pets.

In addition to hay and pellets, guinea pigs can enjoy a limited amount of fruits and vegetables to round out their diet. But can guinea pigs eat bananas?

Bananas are rich in fiber and nutrients, but does this healthy snack have the same health benefits for guinea pigs as it does for humans? And on that note, can guinea pigs eat banana peels? Or dried bananas, for that matter?

We reached out to Samantha Henson, a certified clinical pet nutritionist with Next Generation Pet Wellness, and Kimie Smothermon, director of Guinea Pig Sanctuary, for more insight. And while, yes, bananas are generally a healthy snack for your guinea pig, the answer does come with a few disclaimers.

Are bananas healthy for guinea pigs?

Yes! Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium, both of which are vital to a guinea pig’s diet. But, as with all good things, serving in moderation is key.

“Bananas are high in sugar and fiber, and too much of either of those and your guinea pig will run the risk of obesity, diabetes, bloating and gas,” Henson told The Dodo. “Guinea pig stomachs are only about the size of a quarter, so always keep that in mind when offering snacks.”

And if your guinea pig has any existing stomach problems, you may want to skip feeding bananas as treats altogether. Henson said, “If your guinea pig has kidney issues, avoid bananas as they are too high in potassium for compromised kidneys to process.”

Can guinea pigs eat bananas daily?

Due to the high amount of sugar and fiber in a banana, both Henson and Smothermon suggest giving your guinea pig a small piece of banana no more than a few times a week.

“In moderation, bananas are a healthy treat for guinea pigs,” Smothermon told The Dodo. “But ‘moderation’ is the key word here.”

How much banana can your guinea pig have?

If giving bananas as a special snack to your guinea pig a few times a week, Henson advised, “You only want to give a small piece (one slice or the last bite of a banana).”

And what about other ways of preparing bananas? “Dried bananas are basically concentrated sugar, as all the water content that helps negate that has been sucked out of them,” Henson said. “They can be given in very small amounts as a super special treat.”

Can guinea pigs eat banana peels?

Yes, but once again, it’s all about moderation.

At Smothermon’s Guinea Pig Sanctuary, guinea pigs can enjoy “coins” as a special snack.

“Leaving the peel on, cut the banana into 'coins' and give no more than two 'coins' at a time,” Smothermon said. “Guinea pigs can have banana 'coins' once a week as a treat, but not daily.”

While your guinea pig’s diet isn’t ultra complicated, it’s fun to surprise your furry friend with a little something special for a sweet treat every now and then — perhaps after he’s gone on a ride in this pint-sized carousel?

A slice or two of banana will be delicious to your guinea pig (and dog, too, if you have one). Just don’t overdo it, friends (even if he gives you that “one more, please” look).