Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate?

And what about pomegranate skin? 👀

can dogs eat pomegranate

Pomegranates are so sweet and juicy that you can’t even blame your pup for throwing those big begging eyes your way during snack time.

But can dogs eat pomegranate?

It turns out they can, according to Jamie Fischer, a veterinary nurse with DodoVet. Here’s what you need to know about feeding your pup this fruit.

Are pomegranates good for dogs?

Pomegranates are a tasty and healthy snack for dogs because they contain fiber and antioxidants.

“Antioxidants can help neutralize chronic inflammation, and fiber aids in digestion,” Fischer told The Dodo.

Can dogs eat pomegranate seeds?

Dogs can eat the seeds of pomegranates just fine.

“The inside of pomegranates are perfectly safe to feed to your dog in moderation,” Fischer said.

According to Fischer, there’s no set recommended amount of pomegranate you should be feeding your dog. You just don’t want to feed him an amount that will add too many calories to his diet or cause gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort.

“It will greatly depend on the size of your dog and how their digestive system handles the fruit,” Fischer said. “I recommend to start very small and see what works best for your pup.”

Can dogs eat pomegranate skin?

Pomegranate skin can be difficult for your pup’s system to break down.

“This skin is not considered toxic, but it is difficult to digest, so best not to feed it to your pup as it can pose a risk for GI upset or even an obstruction in the GI tract,” Fischer said.

So even though your dog can technically eat pomegranate skin, you’re better off tossing the peel before feeding your pup this fruit.

Other risks with pomegranate

While pomegranates aren’t poisonous for dogs, the plants they grow on are a different story.

“The leaves of the shrub itself should never be ingested as they can contain high levels of toxins,” Fischer said.

“Pomegranates have a high sugar level, so it is recommended to consult with your veterinarian prior to feeding, especially if your pet has underlying health issues like diabetes,” Fischer said.

So if you want to feed your dog some pomegranate, go right ahead. As long as you check with your vet to figure out how much to give him at once (or if the sugar’s going to cause any issues), he should be totally OK.

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