Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

Is pineapple a good treat for your pup? 🍍

dog with a pineapple on head

Pineapple’s a sweet, refreshing treat that’s perfect for summer. But can you give your pup a little piece to share?

We spoke to Dr. Alex Schechter, a veterinarian and founder of Burrwood Veterinary, to get the answer to the question: Can dogs eat pineapple?

Is pineapple good for dogs?

Raw pineapple can actually be super healthy for your dog. For one, pineapple contains tons of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin and folate.

“Also, it is rich in minerals and electrolytes, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc,” Dr. Schechter told The Dodo.

But there are some risks to feeding your dog pineapple, too.

“The high fiber content in the food is beneficial only when you feed in small quantities,” Dr. Schechter said. “Oversized food proportions can cause digestive issues, such as diarrhea and constipation.”

The high acidity in pineapple can also cause tooth decay, and it contains a lot of sugar, which can lead to health problems for your pup, including diabetes and weight gain. So dogs who already have diabetes or are overweight or obese shouldn’t have pineapple.

Can dogs eat the pineapple core?

While the pineapple flesh can be OK for your pup to eat, you definitely shouldn’t give your dog the pineapple core.

According to Dr. Schechter, the core and spiky skin of pineapples is hard for dogs to chew, which can cause choking or intestinal blockages.

Can dogs eat canned pineapple?

Canned pineapple isn’t good for your dog because of the sweet syrup.

“It is better to avoid canned versions of the food, as the syrup keeping the pineapple chunks fresh is usually high in sugar, leading to digestive issues,” Dr. Schechter said.

Can dogs eat dried pineapple?

You shouldn’t give your dog dried pineapple as a snack. According to Dr. Schechter, it has more sugar per portion than raw pineapple.

“Even though the water is removed, the fruit portion becomes smaller, and the quantity of natural sugar remains the same,” Dr. Schechter said.

How much pineapple can dogs eat?

Just like with any treat you give your dog, pineapple should make up less than 10 percent of his daily caloric intake.

“If you are feeding the fruit to your [pet], consulting a vet is vital, and you should keep an eagle eye on the portion you are offering,” Dr. Schechter said.

If you want to give your dog some pineapple as a treat, you should give him raw, peeled pineapple. “The treat should be chopped into small-sized pieces so that the pet can easily chew and digest it,” Dr. Schechter said.

Be sure to check with your vet before giving your dog pineapple to make sure it’s OK for him to eat.

You can also give your pup some dog treats that include pineapple, like these treats from Chewy for $10.18.

So yes, dogs can eat pineapple, but make sure you don’t give your pup too much, and only give him raw, fresh pineapple (he deserves the best, after all).

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