Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread?

Why you shouldn’t share your gingerbread.

can dogs eat gingerbread

Your pup always hits you with those big “please share your food” eyes whenever you bust out the gingerbread during the holidays.

But can dogs eat gingerbread?

You might want to think twice before sharing the sweet snack with your pup, according to Dr. Hannah Lau, a veterinarian with Bond Vet.

Is gingerbread bad for dogs?

Gingerbread can be bad for dogs because of the high fat and sugar content.

“Dogs generally should not eat food or sweets intended for humans, and can experience stomach upset or pancreatitis from too many fats or sugars,” Dr. Lau told The Dodo.

Pancreatitis is a potentially severe condition that occurs when your pup’s pancreas swells, causing pain and vomiting.

Can dogs eat gingerbread cookies?

According to Dr. Lau, there are gingerbread and gingerbread cookie recipes that are nontoxic for pups.

However, not every recipe is safe for your dog, so it’s best to steer clear of feeding him these holiday sweets.

“Some ingredients associated with gingerbread and other holiday sweets can be toxic,” Dr. Lau said.

These include things like:

What to give your dog instead

We know how tempting it can be to slip your pup a tiny piece of gingerbread. But there are other tasty holiday-themed treats that are actually formulated specifically for dogs.

Try Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks from Chewy for $5

Or these gingerbread-flavored Greenies dental treats from Amazon for $9

So, dogs shouldn’t eat gingerbread because it can cause a few health issues. It could be made with toxic ingredients, but even if it’s not, it could still lead to pancreatitis. Luckily, there are plenty of holiday-themed dog treats, so your pup can safely join in the celebration.

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