Can Dogs Eat French Fries Safely?

Can you share a few fries with your pup? 🍟

dog licking lips with french fries

Nothing’s better than a good burger and fries, so it’s totally understandable that you’d want to share some of that goodness with your pup — or just a few french fries at least.

But can dogs eat french fries safely, or is it a bad idea to toss them some?

It turns out french fries are OK for dogs to eat, but they shouldn’t have them often since (to no one’s surprise) they’re not exactly good for them.

We spoke to Dr. Sara Ochoa, a small- and exotic-animal veterinarian in Texas, to find out how to safely feed your dog french fries and if there are any dangers you should be worried about.

Are french fries safe for dogs?

French fries aren’t toxic to dogs, but they’re not really a good snack for them because they’re unhealthy and don’t have much nutritional value.

French fries are typically fried in oil, which makes them high in fat and calories. Too much fat in your dog’s diet can lead to pancreatitis and obesity (so pups who are overweight definitely shouldn’t have french fries). Fat and oil in foods can even cause your pup to develop bloat, which is a medical emergency that occurs when a dog’s stomach fills up with gas and twists.

“Things that have been fried can cause your dog to develop pancreatitis or gastroenteritis,” Dr. Ochoa told The Dodo.

Your dog can also get dehydrated or develop salt poisoning from eating too many fries because they contain so much salt.

“If you give your dog too many fries, you will see signs such as vomiting and diarrhea,” Dr. Ochoa said. “Your dog may have abdominal pain and cramping, too, from the upset stomach.”

Some dogs can also be allergic to potatoes, so make sure your pup isn’t before giving him any fries.

How to feed your dog fries

If you want to share a fry or two with your dog, you should only give him plain fries without any seasoning, including salt. Fries can sometimes have other seasonings, like garlic or onion, which are super toxic to dogs. Condiments can have those ingredients, too, so you shouldn’t let your pup have them either.

“It is best to limit any seasonings or dips,” Dr. Ochoa said.

Can dogs eat french fries every day?

You shouldn’t feed your pup french fries every day since too many fries can give him an upset stomach and lead to dehydration, weight gain or pancreatitis.

“If you do want to share french fries with your dog, it is best just to give them one or two and only a few times a week,” Dr. Ochoa said.

You can get your pup a french fry toy instead to let him join in on the fun.

So if you want to let your dog have a few french fries (or if he grabs one off the floor), he’ll probably be fine. You can give him a couple of plain fries every now and then, but you shouldn’t make it a regular treat.

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