Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter Safely?

Read this before giving your dog almond butter.

can dogs eat almond butter

Whether you love spreading it on toast or eating it straight from the jar, almond butter is definitely a tasty food for humans. But can dogs eat almond butter, too?

We spoke with Dr. Cristina Bustamante, an associate veterinarian with Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Florida and founder of Dr. B. Vet, to find out what happens if you feed your dog almond butter, and how much is too much.

Is almond butter safe for dogs?

The good news is that almond butter is technically safe for dogs.

“Almond butter can be a special treat for your pet,” Dr. Bustamante told The Dodo. “Dogs can eat almond butter in moderation.”

However, that doesn’t mean you should really make a habit of giving your dog almond butter, because it’s got a lot of fat, which can make your dog overweight (or cause an already overweight dog even more health problems).

Risks of giving dogs almond butter

In addition to weight gain, there are a couple other risks that come with giving your dog almond butter.


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that’s incredibly toxic to dogs, and it’s found in a lot of things, including some almond butters. So always check the label on your almond butter before you start sharing.

“Almond butter that contains artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can cause liver damage, low blood sugar and even death,” Dr. Bustamante said.


Almond butter that doesn’t contain xylitol can still be risky if your pup eats too much. Because it’s so high in fat, it can be easy for your dog to develop pancreatitis from eating too much over time.

“Natural almond butter has high fat content, which can lead to inflammation of the pancreas and cause pancreatitis with an upset stomach,” Dr. Bustamante said.

This is also an issue if you give your dog regular almonds or other almond products, like almond milk.

Can dogs eat almond butter often?

Because of the high fat content and the risks associated with eating almond butter, you really shouldn’t give it to your pup too often.

“I do not recommend feeding your dog almond butter every day,” Dr. Bustamante said.

If you do want to give your dog the occasional almond butter treat, you should consult your vet to figure out exactly how much is too much to give him.

“How much almond butter is adequate for a pet depends on each individual dog’s health history and diet,” Dr. Bustamante said. “To avoid obesity and other health problems, it is recommended that only 10 percent of a dog’s daily energy consumption be from treats. The remaining energy consumption should be from a well-balanced food source.”

For example, Dr. Bustamante recommends 1 tablespoon of almond butter for large dogs, like German shepherds, or one teaspoon for small dogs, like Chihuahuas.

So while almond butter isn’t toxic to your dog, it’s too high in fat to become one of his regular treats. Instead, it’s probably best to stick to treats formulated for your pup.

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