Can Cats Eat Strawberries?

Read this before giving your cat a strawberry 🍓

Have you ever noticed your cat taking an interest in strawberries?

If her curiosity has you curious yourself, you may be wondering if you can give her a piece to try.

We reached out to Dr. Megan Conrad, a veterinarian working with Hello Ralphie, to find the answer to the question: Can cats eat strawberries?

Are strawberries healthy for cats?

​​Strawberries aren't toxic to cats, but they also add virtually no nutritional value to their regular diet.

“The vitamins and minerals in strawberries aren't present in large enough amounts to be nutritionally helpful given that your cat shouldn't be eating large amounts of strawberries,” Dr. Conrad told The Dodo.

It’s also been found that cats can’t taste sweetness, so while humans and dogs might find the taste of strawberries to be delicious, your cat probably won’t feel the same way.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they only truly depend on meat for survival — so some cats have genuinely no interest in trying fruits.

“However, in my experience, you never know what foods your cat may decide to taste and actually like,” Dr. Conrad said.

Potential risks of strawberries

While strawberries aren’t outright dangerous for your cat, they’re also not the best treat to share with your kitty — especially if she has certain medical issues.

“Strawberries do have a significant sugar content, so avoid them if your cat is diabetic, and even a healthy cat should eat them only in occasional small quantities,” Dr. Conrad said.

They’re also best to be avoided if your cat needs to lose some weight.

Can cats eat strawberries sometimes?

If you do find that your cat’s interested in strawberries, you don’t have to totally steer clear of them.

“If feeding your cat strawberries, make sure to remove any stems and leaves, and cut the berries into very small pieces,” Dr. Conrad said. “Start with one small piece so you're able to watch for any possible allergic reaction.”

If you're wondering how much you can give your cat, keep in mind that treats (including fruits, like strawberries) shouldn't make up more than 10 percent of your cat’s total daily calories.

It's always a great idea to consult a veterinarian before adding anything new to your cat's diet, or if you have questions about what your cat can safely consume.

Other healthy foods for your cat

Here are some other healthy snacks your cat can try:

So while strawberries aren’t the best option for your cat, they also aren’t the worst and probably won’t do any harm. Just make sure she’s only having a bit occasionally.