Can Cats Eat Potatoes?

Can you share the ultimate comfort food with your cat?

can cats eat potatoes

Can you think of anything cozier than snuggling up with your cat while enjoying some mashed potatoes? Probably not — which is why your cat might be sniffing around your bowl, hoping for a bite.

But can cats eat potatoes?

They can, according to Kaitlyn Tullio, a veterinary nurse with DodoVet. But before sharing potatoes with your BFF, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How are potatoes good for cats?

Potatoes as a snack can actually help keep your cat hydrated.

“They are a good source of water,” Tullio told The Dodo.

They also have a bunch of good vitamins and minerals, like:

  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium

Risks of feeding your cat potatoes

But be careful when you’re giving your cat potatoes — cooked ones are OK, but raw potatoes are actually dangerous.

“Giving them raw potatoes is not recommended since potatoes contain a toxic substance called solanine,” Tullio said. “This is poisonous to cats when digested.”

How can cats eat potatoes safely?

When you’re giving your cat potatoes, skip the seasonings and extra ingredients because they can cause some serious problems.

“When cooking potatoes for your cat, make sure you do not add any dairy products, garlic or onions,” Tullio said. “Since cats are lactose intolerant, the diary products will likely make them sick, and garlic and onions are both toxic to cats.”

And when you’re whipping up these unseasoned potatoes for your BFF, your best bet is to mash them up.

“Small pieces would be OK, but it's better to mash them very well to minimize any choking hazard,” Tullio said.

Plus, be sure to not overdo it when you’re giving your cat potatoes — a small amount every once in a while is plenty.

“Less than [one-fourth] of a potato should be more than enough,” Tullio said.

So there you have it! Cats can eat a small amount of cooked, unseasoned potatoes, as long as it’s not a regular thing.

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