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Our Pup Gives This Treat Dispenser a 10/10 Rating

"This is our go-to toy to keep her busy."

Dog licking her lips at chew toy
Chewy.com/Anita Diamantopoulou

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The Dodo’s Anita Diamantopoulou was looking for a safe way to entertain her dog, Rosie, who has a sensitive stomach and can’t risk ingesting anything other than her food or approved treats.

That’s when she stumbled upon her now favorite chew-proof treat dispenser.

Dog licking and chewing toy
The Dodo’s Anita Diamantopoulou’s dog, Rosie, and her Busy Buddy. | Anita Diamantopoulou

“Rosie isn’t allowed to eat bones because she has a very sensitive stomach and can’t digest anything other than her food,” Diamantopoulou said.

That’s why the Busy Buddy Waggle Treat Dispenser is a great alternative. Rosie gets to play and chew for hours without her mom having to worry about her getting an upset stomach.

Why The Dodo loves this treat dispenser

Diamantopoulou loves that the Busy Buddy keeps Rosie occupied for hours.

“Compared to regular puzzles that Rosie would finish in a minute, it takes time for her to be able to get the treats out of it and eat them,” Diamantopoulou said. “When it’s rainy outside or if for any reason we can't take her for a long walk, this is our go-to toy to keep her busy.”

Dog licking busy body toy
Rosie and her Busy Buddy | Anita Diamantopoulou

Not only does the Busy Buddy keep Rosie occupied, but Diamantopoulou says that it’s extremely well-made and doesn’t break apart like a lot of other chew toys she’s tried.

“Compared to any toys/fake bones that we’ve given her, she's not able to chew it or break it down,” Diamantopoulou said.

Any downsides?

We asked Rosie’s mom if there was anything she didn’t like about the Busy Buddy.

“Nothing,” Diamantopoulou said.

So that’s pretty telling.

Dog chewing busy body toy sideways
Rosie and her Busy Buddy | Anita Diamantopoulou

So the next big question: Does Rosie love it?

According to her mom, Rosie has the best time playing with her Busy Buddy.

“She knows that if you throw it down some treats may bounce and get out of it without any work, so when we give it to her at first she jumps on the couch and throws it down to see if any treats will come out,” Diamantopoulou said.

In other words — Rosie is a genius and sort of knows how to work the system. You go, Rosie.

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