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15 Gifts For People Who Love Black Cats

Black cats > everything.

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Do you need a gift for someone who loves black cats?

You don’t want to get them just anything, though. They deserve a gift that will show off their love of animals — but one that’s also stylish and useful.

If you’re ready to go shopping for someone who loves black cats, The Dodo rounded up the best black-cat-themed gifts on the internet (that aren’t cheesy). Check them out below.

Black cat pillow
If you think they could use some more black cats to cuddle up with, this pillow is the next best thing.
Black cat clips
These fun clips keep food fresh with the help of the cutest little cat faces. And you can never have enough chip clips!
Black cat list
Cat parents are always trying to give their cat kids a better life. Help them reach their goals with these black-cat-themed to-do lists.
Black cat slippers
These slippers are so comfy. Seriously, they won’t want to take them off.
Black cat tote
This tote is for black-cat lovers who are proud to wear their heart on their sleeve (or tote!).
Black cat bookends
Is your cat lover also a bookworm? These black cat bookends would make a lovely addition to their shelves at home.
Black cat puzzle
This gift is perfect if they enjoy a puzzle every now and then (or just have some extra time on their hands).
Black cat hooks
Instead of using plain metal hooks, the cat lover in your life might appreciate something a bit more cat-themed.
Black cat wrapping paper
If you’re getting a gift for a cat lover, this wrapping paper will be the icing on the cake.
Black phone stand
This tiny black cat makes a fun desk buddy and does an excellent job of propping up iPhones (to check on their cat nanny cam from work, of course).
Black cat organizer
This gift is perfect for people who love black cats and staying organized.
Black cat mug
This adorable mug is perfect for taking hot or cold drinks to go. And it’s actually the perfect shape for holding a spoon, too, thanks to the dome-shaped lid (which — surprise, surprise — has a cat face on it).
Black cat basket
These huge baskets are super useful around the house. They can hold laundry, cat toys, blankets and anything else you can think of. Plus, they have a cute black cat on them — because obviously.
Black cat mitts
These mitts are great for the cook in your life.
Black cat phone case
This super cute pattern makes an adorable iPhone case.
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