How To Find The Right Betta Fish Food

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Welcoming a little betta fish into your family is so exciting, which is why you want to make sure you’re feeding him the very best.

We spoke with Jamie Fischer, a veterinary nurse with DodoVet, who explained that the best betta fish food is pretty high in protein and what to look for when shopping for the right one.

Here are our picks:

What to feed betta fish

According to Fischer, you should feed betta fish food that has at least 30 percent crude protein.

“Betta fish are primarily carnivores, so they need a high-protein diet,” Fischer told The Dodo. “Usually the ingredients will contain dried meats of either shrimp, krill or fish.”

But that doesn’t mean you should choose just any high-protein fish food.

“I recommend selecting a food specifically labeled for betta fish to ensure they are receiving all of the nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle,” Fischer said.

According to Fischer, betta fish food can come in a few different forms, like:

  • Frozen
  • Freeze-dried
  • Pellet
  • Flake

Some betta fish might have a favorite form, so you might need to try out a few different options before you find the perfect food.

“It may take some trial and error to find which food your fish loves and thrives on,” Fischer said.

Frozen betta fish food

Frozen betta fish food can be a good choice if you want to give your BFF a diet that’s pretty close to what he’d be eating in his natural environment.

However, you’ll need to store it in your freezer and thaw it when you’re ready to feed your fish, so it doesn’t make for the most convenient option. You also need to be careful about potential exposure to bacteria and parasites if you’re feeding frozen food to your betta fish.

Freeze-dried betta fish food

Freeze-dried betta fish food doesn’t have all the nutrients your fish would be eating in the wild because all the moisture’s been removed, but it is an option if you want to give your fish something a little more natural. This type of betta fish food is easy to store and, unlike other natural food options, you don’t have to worry about bacteria and parasites.

“Some bettas will have bloating and constipation with diets of only freeze-dried foods, so it is best to use these as treats,” Fischer said.

And to help with bloating, you should soak freeze-dried food in tank water before feeding it to your fish. This rehydrates the food, but also makes feeding a little more involved than just sprinkling food in your fish’s tank.

Pellet betta fish food

According to Fischer, pellet betta fish food is the most common food option among pet parents because it’s so easily accessible. It’s nutritionally balanced and easy to portion out for your pet, but can also be tough to digest, similar to freeze-dried food.

“Some pellets expand once they are ingested, which can cause bloating and digestive issues for your fish,” Fischer said. “Be sure to read the packaging to determine if it is necessary to soak pellets in water prior to offering them to your betta.”

Flake betta fish food

Flake betta fish food is nutritionally complete and balanced. Plus, it’s really convenient to store and easy to use.

But there are a couple hangups. Picky bettas may not eat flakes, and this food can be pretty messy and require more frequent cleaning if it sinks down to the bottom of your fish’s habitat.

“Extra flakes should never be left in the tank,” Fischer said. “If your betta does not eat all of the flakes within a couple of minutes, the excess flakes should be removed to keep the tank clean.”

What to avoid in betta fish food

When you’re looking for betta fish food, avoid any products that are vegetarian and don’t have any meat.

“It is a myth that betta fish can survive solely on a plant-based diet,” Fischer said. “Without a meat protein in their diet, they will not thrive.”

Best betta fish food

We’ve rounded up the best betta fish food you can give your underwater pal.

Best freeze-dried: San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food All Natural Fish Food And Treat

This freeze-dried betta food is formulated to keep your fish’s energy levels high. It’s got a ton of protein — 51 percent, to be exact — and bloodworms are the only ingredient listed, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your little bestie.

Best flake: Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley

These flakes are packed with protein, containing a minimum of 48 percent crude protein. And in addition to the thin red flakes, this formula’s made with freeze-dried shrimp so it’s extra tasty for your betta.

Best pellet: Tetra Betta Plus Floating Mini Pellets

This betta fish food contains a minimum of 43 percent crude protein, so you know your BFF is getting plenty of it. These pellets also float, which makes it super easy for your betta fish to eat them. And it’s formulated with omega-3 fatty acids to give him a brighter color.

The key to finding the right betta fish food is to make sure your BFF’s getting the right nutrients. Aside from that, it’s all about which type of food your fish likes the most.

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