Dodo Pick: Our Favorite Way To Protect Our Dogs' Paws

“This has really made me feel like Andy’s comfortable and his paws are soothed from all our fun walks" 🐾❤️️

musher's secret paw wax
Petco/Stephanie Orozco
Petco/Stephanie Orozco

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The Dodo’s Stephanie Orozco was looking to find a product that would help keep her dog Andy's paws moisturized all year.
That’s when she stumbled upon Musher’s Secret Paw Wax and never looked back.

musher's secret paw wax
The Dodo’s Stephanie Orozco’s dog, Andy, with his Musher’s Secret Paw Wax | Stephanie Orozco

“This product is great for keeping Andy’s paws hydrated and moisturized throughout the year, but especially during cold weather, snow, and for long walks or any activity outside,” Orozco said. 
Think: summertime strolls on those hot concrete sidewalks.

Why The Dodo loves this wax

One of the things Orozco loves best about this product is that she knows it’s safe for Andy — even if he gets curious and tries to eat some.
“What's great is that it’s 100 percent natural and nontoxic and so I know Andy won't have a negative reaction — even if he licks it!” Orozco said. “It can be used year-round — think snowballs stuck in paws, to hot concrete surfaces in the summer!”
Another awesome thing about this plant-based wax is that it doesn’t stain, so you don’t need to worry about it ruining anything if you apply it before you leave and your dog is still roaming the house.
But Orozco has some tips on the best ways to apply it. “You can always apply it right before going out OR when your pet is sound asleep so it really soaks up,” Orozco said. “Also, lots of people use the wax right before walks to act as a barrier with stuff on the ground.”

Any downsides?

“It's hard to say because it's such a wonderful product,” Orozco said. “However, if you apply it on your dog's paws and he gets up immediately, he might be a little slippery.”

In fact, the first few times Orozco used the wax on Andy, they were home and he slipped a few times — in the cutest possible way, of course.

“Now, we only apply at bedtime or right after we get back from a walk so we know he's tired and ready to rest,” Orozco said.

But aside from that one little factor, Orozco really has no issues at all and loves everything about it.

“It's a must if your pet's paws are cracked and you're looking for a safe and natural way to moisturize them,” Orozco said. “This has really made me feel like Andy’s comfortable and his paws are soothed from all our fun walks.”

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