The Best Portable Dog Beds For Traveling Anywhere With Your Pup

They make packing so much easier ✨

dog travel beds

Most dogs like to lounge — a lot. And that doesn’t stop when you take them traveling.

But since your dog’s normal bed isn’t exactly built for stuffing in a suitcase, you might be looking for something that’s a little more travel-friendly.

Luckily, there are a ton of travel dog beds on the market that are lightweight, waterproof, durable, compact and comfortable — making them the perfect spots for your pup to curl up while you’re out on the road. (Or even for hanging out in the yard!)

The Dodo rounded up the best travel dog beds on the internet so you can find the best one for your next trip with your pup.

Why use a travel dog bed?

Travel dog beds are super handy since you can use them pretty much anytime you leave your house. They’re perfect for hanging out in the yard, taking your dog for a car ride, staying at a hotel, going camping or taking a hike.

They also make you a super polite houseguest since they can help keep your pet’s hairs contained to his bed.

In general, travel dog beds tend to be water resistant, portable and easy to clean, which makes them truly ideal for the outdoors and while traveling.

And the best part is that your dog’s normal bed can stay nice and clean at home, and your dog can still get super comfy when you’re out and about.

How to find the best travel dog bed

Since there are so many travel dog beds to choose from, you should try to tell the difference between a high-quality travel dog bed and one that’s not so great so you can find the best one for your pup.

When looking for a portable dog bed for traveling, be sure to consider the following details:


First and foremost, you want your travel dog bed to be pretty easy to carry around. Even if you think you’ll be keeping the dog bed in one spot, there’s a good chance you’ll end up wanting to bring it everywhere you take your dog.

Luckily, most travel dog beds are super portable (of course — it’s in the name!). They’re usually flat and can be either folded or rolled up into a more compact form. Some even come with a carrying case so you can tote your pup’s bed around, no problem.

Easy to clean

A travel dog bed that’s easy to clean will save you lots of time and hassle, especially if you plan on bringing it outdoors, like while camping or hiking.

Even if you only bring the travel dog bed in the car or a few hotel rooms, it’s nice to know you can give the dog bed a quick wash in case of any accidental messes (and keep it clean in between trips).

So when looking for a travel dog bed, make sure that it’s machine washable.


Purchasing a bed that’s waterproof (or at least water resistant) will definitely be a lifesaver when you’re on the road. So just in case there are any accidental spills, your pup’s bed will still be usable afterwards, and he won’t be stuck with a wet bed.

It’s especially important to purchase a waterproof bed if you plan on taking it camping with you. It could easily start raining, or the ground could be moist, which could definitely lead to an uncomfortably wet sleeping situation for your pup.


A travel bed with a nice layer of soft padding will go a long way when it comes to a good night’s rest for your pup. Since travel beds are meant to be compact, they’re not always comfy, so make sure the one you purchase will actually provide your dog with a pleasant place to sleep.

And if your dog is older, you might want to try an orthopedic travel dog bed (aka one made of memory foam), which can help give your dog’s joints support so he doesn’t suffer from aches and pains while on the road.

Fits the situation

Before deciding on a travel dog bed to buy, think about how you plan on using it first. This will help you find one that will actually meet your needs.

If you want to keep it in the car only, for example, consider getting your dog a booster car seat, which is basically like a travel dog bed but a lot safer for traveling in the car.

And if you plan on taking the dog bed on a camping trip, look for one that can roll up really small, comes with a carrying case, is lightweight, is totally waterproof and will keep your pup warm on cold nights. This will make it a lot easier to pack light for your outdoor adventure and ensure your pup stays comfortable and happy.

Best travel dog beds

dog travel bed

Bed size: 39 by 30 inches

Bed weight: 35.2 ounces

The travel dog bed from Chuckit! is a great option for a lot of reasons. It’s machine washable, water resistant, durable, comfortable and perfect for both small and large dogs. It’s made of a breathable fabric and comes with a built-in loop so you can dry it out pretty quickly after hanging it up. The thick quilt adds a nice cushion that your pup will definitely appreciate, especially after a long day on the road. 


You can even bring it camping or hiking since it can roll up completely and even comes with a nylon sack for storage. 

dog travel bed

Bed size: 39.4 by 27.6 inches

Bed weight: 13 ounces

If you want to travel light, a dog mat might be a good solution. They usually weigh basically nothing, and you can roll them up really tight, so they don’t take up a lot of space. This dog bed is a really durable option that’s both totally waterproof and machine washable. It’s also multifunctional: You can use it as a dog bed, throw it on a hotel or host’s bed to keep it protected from pet messes, or use it as a blanket to keep your pup warm. And since one side of it is made with wool, it’s definitely a snuggly option for your dog. The carrying case comes with a shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry around, too. 

foldable dog bed

Bed size: 44 by 26 inches

Bed weight: 35.2 ounces

This dog bed is super cushiony, yet it can be folded up completely for convenient storage. It’s made with three layers of artificial cotton filing, which keeps it super thick. And thanks to the perforations in the bed, you can roll it up super tight into a compact cylinder shape that you can throw into the carrying case it comes with. It’s also machine washable, water resistant and made with a breathable fabric that’s easy to dry.  

dog sleeping bag

Bed size: 43.3 by 27.5 inches

Bed weight: 32 ounces

Your dog can have a sleeping bag while he’s camping, just like you! And not only are they super adorable, but dog sleeping bags are actually really functional. A dog sleeping bag will do a great job of keeping your pup toasty if it gets chilly outside at night, and he might even prefer how cozy it is over a standard dog bed. This sleeping bag is lightweight, waterproof, machine washable and a high-quality option overall. 

dog travel bed

Bed size: 23.6 by 22.2 inches

Bed weight: 14 pounds

If you’re looking for a dog bed to keep in your car permanently, you should definitely consider a dog booster seat (for small- to medium-sized dogs) or a dog hammock (for larger dogs), since they’re meant to keep your dog a bit safer than a normal dog bed would.

If you have a small pup, this dog booster seat is a great option. It’s basically like a poofy dog bed you can strap to your car seat. It’s extremely comfortable, safe and adorable, so it’s basically the perfect travel dog bed that you can always keep in your car.

memory foam travel bed for dogs

Bed size: 37 by 24 inches

Bed weight: 31.2 ounces

Your older dog will love this dog bed that’s made with memory foam so he can rest his achy joints while out on an adventure. And this bed isn’t just for senior pets, either. Any dog can enjoy the extreme comfort of a memory foam bed — and can definitely benefit from the restful night’s sleep it’ll give him. One side of the bed is covered in faux fur, so your pet can get extra snuggly and stay warm on cold surfaces. And even though this dog bed isn’t machine washable, it’s super portable since it can be rolled easily and even comes with handles attached to the bed. 

elevated travel dog bed

Bed size: 42 by 24 inches

Bed weight: 14 pounds 

Elevated dog beds can help keep your pup cool and prevent him from getting any dirt, dust or other debris from the floor on his fur. This can be especially useful if you have to sleep on the ground while camping or if you plan on keeping the bed somewhere that gets pretty hot. This elevated dog bed can collapse inwards (similar to a fabric folding chair for humans) and comes with a carrying case for easy storage.