This Modern Cat Furniture Is Obsession-Worthy — Here's Why

You might be jealous of your cat 👀

modern cat furniture

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Cat furniture for your BFF is definitely a must-have. But let’s be real — most cat furniture is a big, tacky eyesore. 

That’s why it’s always exciting to find a piece of cat furniture that actually looks like real (human) furniture.

So when The Dodo’s Genevieve Timmins recently tried out a cat tree from a new furniture line by the people who make Litter-Robot (aka that very futuristic litter box), she was relieved that it fit right in with the rest of her home. 

“It’s sleek and modern, and really blends in with the decor of my apartment,” Timmins said. “It looks like it could be a chic plant stand or bookshelf!”

The modern line also includes pieces like a minimalist side table that doubles as a cat hideaway, a wooden hutch that will (actually) hide a litter box, and a cozy futuristic cat orb. The prices start at $69.00 for a pair of cat shelves and go up, but Timmins said they’re worth the splurge. Here’s why.

cat furniture
Genevieve Timmins’ cat, Elsie, perched on her stylish pyramid. | Genevieve Timmins

Why The Dodo loves this cat tree

Timmins loves its modern appearance, and said the piece is well-made (so it will stand up to years of wild cat play).

“It’s also really great quality,” she said. “It’s made from beautiful walnut and the shelves are upholstered in scratchy material in a neutral gray.”

cat furniture
Elsie really enjoyed how versatile the bottom shelf was. | Genevieve Timmins

Timmins’ cat, Elsie, couldn’t get enough of the pyramid’s versatility.

“She loves the bottom shelf as it’s scratchy and great for her nails,” Timmins said. “But she also loves sitting all the way on the tiny top shelf and surveying her domain.”

Any downsides?

“I found assembly to be a bit complicated,” she said. “I was sweating for like an hour to put it together!”

But according to Timmins, it was still totally manageable, and was worth the hour of frustration in the end.

“There wasn’t anything too difficult, just several steps,” she explained. “You have to make sure to line everything up perfectly or else you have to unscrew stuff and undo your hard work to fix anything that’s angled the wrong way.”

cat on modern furniture
Timmins’ cat taking in the sights from the top of her pyramid. | Genevieve Timmins

Timmins said the pyramid is pretty big, so you should make sure you have enough space in your home.

“It’s heavy and pretty hard to maneuver but it is nice that it comes with adjustable feet where you can make sure it’s level and secure,” she said.

If you’re interested, you can buy it now from Litter-Robot for $189.00

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