Our Dogs (And Kids) Love The Best Friends By Sheri Cuddler Dog Bed

Dogs love snuggling in this bed ❤️

baby and dog cuddling in cozy bed
Keren Masser
Keren Masser

Finding the perfect dog bed for your sleepy pup doesn’t have to be hard — but sometimes it can take some digging to find the cuddliest solution.

That’s what happened to The Dodo’s Keren Masser when she was researching beds for her pit bull, Storm, and wound up stumbling upon her dog — and her toddler’s — now-favorite bed — Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cuddler.

dog sleeping in cozy bed
The Dodo’s Keren Masser’s dog, Storm, cuddling in her favorite bed | Keren Masser

Why we love the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cuddler Dog Bed

“It's SO soft and plush, it's 100 percent the coziest dog bed I've ever seen. It feels luxurious and fancy and like you're really spoiling your pup,” Masser said.

But there’s even more awesomeness when it comes to this bed. “It's also easy to clean!” Masser said.

And with all the snuggling Storm does in bed, it’s bound to need some extra TLC every now and then.

dog sleeping in bed
Storm lounging in her favorite bed | Keren Masser

“She loves fitting into the middle and curling up — it fits her pittie body perfectly,” Masser said. “It's the only dog bed she's ever taken to! Otherwise she just wants to be with us, so it's so nice that she finally has her own space that's just hers.”

Another positive? It seems to be pittie-proof — at least for now.

“It's been hard for her to destroy — which she thinks is a bad thing, not realizing she can't have it both ways and that it's a good thing it's still intact,” Masser said.

Any downsides?

According to Masser, there are barely any downsides at all — aside from one little snag: “The zippers have gotten a bit jagged so I have to be careful when taking the stuffing out to clean it,” Masser said.

Storm isn’t the only one who loves it

“Our toddler is ALSO obsessed with this bed,” Masser said. “Every morning since he was really young, he gets out of his crib and insists on getting in the dog bed. I think he loves how soft it is too, and he likes hanging with or without Storm in there.”

dog and baby snuggling in bed
Masser’s son and Storm hanging out in bed | Keren Masser

And one of the cutest things? How Storm makes her bed every morning.

“Storm loves to ‘make’ her bed. She'll make it while we make our bed in the morning. It's the cutest thing ever,” Masser said.

Which goes to show just how much Storm loves her bed — since she makes it a point to take such good care of it each day.

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