10 Top-Rated Dog Toy Baskets On Amazon

Organization to the rescue.

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If you’re a dog parent, then you’re also probably the owner of many, many dog toys. Even if your dog only plays with one or two favorites, toys just seem to have a way of accumulating and ending up all over the house.

The best way to keep your dog’s toys as organized as possible is to give them all a home to live in. Luckily, there’s an endless supply of dog toy baskets on Amazon, and The Dodo found the best ones to make your search for the best toy box easy.

According to pet parents who left rave reviews, here are the best dog toy boxes you can get.

Morezi Cotton Rope Toy Storage Bin

Over 15 inches deep, this storage bin from Morezi is great for keeping small dog toys neat, organized and put away. They come with either a pawprint on the front or a cute dog silhouette with “My Stuff” written underneath. And if the baskets get dirty, Morezi says you can just throw them in the washing machine.

Spectrum Diversified Paws Macklin Basket

Available in gray and white, this metal wire basket comes with an adorable paw print pattern on either end and is nearly indestructible according to pet parents who have bought it. “She ate the fabric-covered cardboard cube baskets. Most recently she ate the hard-plastic toy container (we lucked out with no vet bill!),” one pet parent wrote. “Bought this and there is no way she is destroying this one.”

Feline Ruff Large Dog Toy Storage Box

Need something with a lid? This storage box from Feline Ruff comes with a Velcro-close top to let your pup know that playtime is over. The dog toy box can be folded down flat, and it’s easy to carry from room to room thanks to the handles on either side.

Bone Dry Paw Print Collapsible Storage Bin

This dog toy basket on Amazon from Bone Dry is a spacious cylindrical bin with sturdy rope handles on either side. These baskets come in a cute paw print pattern that’s available in nine different colors as well as several different sizes. 

Goodpick Cotton Rope Basket with Handle

This natural cotton basket from Goodpick is understated, and it’s neutral color options help it fit in many different decor schemes. “Purchased for a corner in my living room for all of my dog’s miscellaneous things (leashes, collars, coats, etc.),” one pet parent wrote, adding, “purchased another one for all of her toys (her current toy bin is overflowing!). Perfect size and so pretty!”

Bone Dry Pet Storage Collection Tote

The Bone Dry pet storage collection tote features an adorable paw print and bone pattern that comes in several different colors. The sturdy rope handles make moving this dog toy basket a breeze, and over 1,600 pet parents say it’s a great box for smaller dog toys.

Geyecete Dog Toys Storage Bins

“We'd been using a wicker basket for their bones and toys, but the older dog decided to chew it up. This is a perfect replacement!” one pet parent wrote about the Geyecete dog toy basket on Amazon. “Thick material [and] soft, wooden handles, and it's a nice size. The dogs have been dragging it around and using it, so they clearly like it.” It comes in gray, black and pink.

Pet Artist Collapsible Dog Toy Storage Basket

You can customize the collapsible dog toy storage baskets from Pet Artist to have your dog’s name printed on the upper lip. Their name will be flanked by two paw prints, and you can choose from five different basket colors. And because there’s no inner structure, these baskets fold down flat when you’re not using them.

Tug’s Stuff Perfect Size Dog Toy Box

Make grabbing toys out of the toy box that much easier for your dog by using the Tug’s Stuff toy basket with a low front opening. “Very well made. Sturdy. Just right for my German shepherd to put his toys in,” one pet parent wrote. “He can reach in easily to retrieve them — now I just need to train him to put them back.”

Bone Dry Pet Storage Collection Basket

This dog toy basket on Amazon from Bone Dry is actually shaped like a bone. It’s made from natural woven hyacinth within a metal frame and trimmed with a seagrass fiber. It fits a good amount of your pup’s toys and looks great either on the floor or up on a countertop.