The Best Stocking Stuffers To Make Your Dog's Holiday

Small gifts your pup will love ✨

dog stocking stuffers
Amazon / Austin and Kat / Chewy
Amazon / Austin and Kat / Chewy

Dogs love socks — so what’s more exciting than a giant sock hanging above your fireplace stuffed with treats?

To make your dog’s holiday even more magical, we rounded up the best small treats and toys to fill out your dog’s stocking this year. (He might even like them more than the stocking itself.)

The best dog stocking stuffers to give your pet

For every dog on Santa's list: Naughty Or Nice Tennis Balls (Pack of 6)

Simple yet seasonal, your dog will go nuts for a game of fetch with these naughty and nice tennis balls.

A festive toy: ZippyPaws Holiday Eggnog Toy

Eggnog is such a holiday staple, so why not let your dog see what it’s all about! This plush squeaky toy is so cute you’ll want to gulp it down yourself!

For cute holiday photos: Christmas Dog Bandanas

The bandanas are super soft and the festive designs are handmade out of felt. Plus, there are so many other cute Christmas options to choose from, like snowmen or Santa.

To keep him healthy: Finn Multivitamin

This multivitamin supplement for dogs earned our official Paw of Approval because it’s designed to help your pup in so many ways, like boosting his immune system, providing heart support, improving skin and coat health, and more.

A burrow toy Santa will envy: ZippyPaws Milk And Cookies Burrow Toy

Milk and cookies aren’t only for Santa. Your dog will be obsessed with digging these cute plush cookies out of their carton-shaped burrow toy.

A holiday bandana: Red Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

This plaid pattern works perfectly for the holidays, but the color is totally acceptable for year-round wear.

A heated toy perfect for winter: Snuggle Puppy

If your pup is the nervous type (or just likes a good snuggle), this heated cuddly dog toy is here to help. It comes with an artificial heartbeat and a heating pack for warmth, all so your best friend can snuggle up and relax. It even earned our Paw of Approval because our own dogs loved it so much.

For Starbucks-loving pet parents: Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Peppermint Mocha Toy

Your dog can indulge in a fun seasonal drink (safely!) thanks to this plush toy. And the peppermint flavor is perfect for the holidays!

Dental treats with a holiday twist: Greenies Holiday Gingerbread Dental Dog Treats

Delicious AND hygienic? What’s not to love? These treats taste like the classic holiday staple, all while fighting plaque, tartar and that nasty doggy breath. (The original Greenies flavor earned our official Paw of Approval.)

The perfect winter accessory: Christmas Dog Hat Crocheted Snood

Look. How. CUTE. This cozy snood is great for those winter walks, and that pom-pom poof on top will add the perfect touch to any holiday photo, indoors or out.

An iconic toy: KONG Classic Dog Toy

And that peanut butter treat would go perfectly with this KONG toy. You can’t beat a classic, especially when there’s so much this toy can do. The rubber is great for chewing, the shape is perfect for bouncing and you can even put treats inside to keep your dog happy for hours. Plus, there’s even one specifically for puppies.

To celebrate Hanukkah: ZippyPaws Holiday Burrow Dog Toy

This plush dreidel will be your dog’s newest addiction. It comes with little bears you can hide inside, and you’ll have so much fun watching your pup dig them out.

Keep your pup cozy and cute: Zoo Snoods (Black Bear Design)

Speaking of snoods, these animal snoods are so cute and easy to put on that they earned our official Paw of Approval. There are so many other fun styles, like bull, dinosaur, unicorn and even reindeer (if you’re sticking with a festive theme).

Perfect for stuffing toys: KONG Stuff'N Easy Peanut Butter Treat

Convenience is key with this treat. It’s dispensed through a nozzle, so it’s really easy to fill up with your dog’s favorite chew toy, put on his food or feed to him straight from the can.

Give him a mental workout: The Game

Talk about brain food. Figuring out how to get treats out of this toy from Fable will make learning fun for your dog — so much so that it earned our Paw of Approval. Plus, there are different difficulty levels to really give your pup a mental workout.

An ultra soft toy: KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose Plush

Your dog will feel like he’s living it up in the wilderness while playing with this little guy. A toy this soft is wonderful for snuggling, too.

For senior dogs: ElleVet Sciences CBD Mobility Chews

These CBD chews really make a difference for dogs with joint or mobility issues — so much so that they earned our Paw of Approval. We tried them on our own pups, who loved that they taste like treats!

Better than a frisbee: KONG Classic Flyer Dog Toy

Hard, plastic frisbees are a thing of the past. This rubber toy easily flies through the air. Not to mention it’s flexible and soothing on your dog’s gums.

A nostalgic toy: Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy

It’s probably a safe bet that your dog doesn’t know who Lamb Chop is, but what does that matter? Nostalgia is for the whole family.

Healthy treats your dog will enjoy: Superfood Dog Treats With Koji

Our dogs went totally nuts for these healthy dog treats, so we awarded them our Paw of Approval! Plus, they’re made with superfoods and natural ingredients, so we know we’re giving them something healthy.

For duck-loving dogs: Fur Really Real Mallard Dog Toy

It looks so real that you probably half-expected it to start quacking. Well, it doesn’t quack, but it does have a squeaker for ultimate entertainment.

A treat ball to keep him entertained for hours: Everlasting Treat Bento Ball Chew Toy

Whether your pup is chomping on the toy or nibbling at the treat inside, this treat ball will totally keep him captivated.

Here's to a great Christmas with your pup!

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