8 Dog-Friendly Pool Floats To Give Your Pup The Best Summer Ever

When he needs a break from all that doggy paddling 🐶

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Your dog likes cooling off in the pool just as much as you do. The only problem is that it’s not exactly easy for him to grab hold of a pool noodle and float away.

But that problem is officially solved — there are actually pool floats out there made especially for dogs, and The Dodo rounded up the best dog pool floats pet parents swear by.

Each of these dog pool floats are made especially with pups in mind, meaning they’re durable, nail-proof and built to become your dog’s new favorite thing. All your pup needs now is a pair of sunglasses and a cold drink.

Paws Aboard Doggy Lazy Raft
The Paws Aboard dog pool float comes in three sizes — small, large and extra-large — with each one made of puncture-resistant vinyl. The raft stays a bit squishy, and therefore more stable, thanks to a small hole purposely punctured in the top of the raft. “Our dog isn’t a huge fan of getting into the water so I wanted to get a float we could use during our lake visits,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “This dog float was perfect! So far, no holes and we used it five days in a row at the lake.”
Lazy Dog Loungers Pool Float
Lady Dog Loungers’ dog pool float is semi-submersible, meaning it floats just below the surface, keeping your dog cool in a shallow pool of water. It comes in two sizes for both small and large dogs and doesn’t require any air, making it pop-proof. “My dog is 120 pounds and taller than most women on his hind legs,” one pet parent wrote. “He was getting older and couldn't swim the river he used to when he was younger. Bought this and it worked phenomenally. He was so comfortable floating the Madison River in MT, he even fell asleep.”
PUPTECK Pet Pool Float
This dog pool float from PUPTECK features both an inflatable outer ring and an inflatable center, which basically makes it a floating dog bed. It’s new on the dog pool float scene, but is already garnering some great reviews. “Solid piece, doesn't give or collapse under the dog,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “Heavy material holds up to nails well.”
Milliard Dog Float
Crafted from heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vinyl, the Milliard dog pool float is built to last. It can float up to 220 pounds and is wide enough for multiple pups to share. It also doubles as a floating bar with five cup holders on the flipside of the raft. “My spoiled puppy is only 10 pounds and this is like a floating island for him,” one pet parent wrote. “Plenty of room to relax and enjoy floating in the pool.”
Paw Dog Pool Float
“Bought this for my dog, and he enjoyed it,” one pet parent, who gave this dog pool float from Paw Dog a five-star rating, wrote. “Super durable, withstood my dog's long nails and my kids jumping on it.” The paw shape makes the float super stable, plus the concave details give your pup some traction when he’s getting on and off the float.
EXPAWLORER Inflatable Dog Pool Float
The EXPAWLORER dog float is big enough to fit any sized dog and float them with ease. The thicker air chambers stand up to claws, and the float even comes with a tether to keep your pup close to home. “I bought this for my 55-pound pit bull and she really enjoyed it!” one five-star customer wrote. “It was big enough for her and my mother’s Chihuahua to comfortably float on! I was curious how the material would do with her sharp claws, but so far no issues!!”
MMSPS Dog Float
This float from MMSPS is puncture-resistant thanks to the double-layered walls housing the inflatable PVC tube, and can float dogs up to 60 pounds. “Great float! Very durable!” one pet parent wrote. “Our girl loves it!”
Mystery Dog Float
Despite the name, there’s no mystery as to whether or not your dog will love this pool float from Mystery. It fits dogs up to 66 pounds and is made with durable nylon fabric that can be folded up after deflation and easily stored. “Very sturdy and big enough for Labs,” one pet parent wrote.
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