The Best Dog Perfumes And Colognes To Make Your Pup Smell Amazing

A solution for wet dog smell.

dog wearing a jacket with perfume bottle

Dogs can get smelly pretty easily — whether it’s from walks in the rain, playing with other pups or rolling in the mud.

But you can’t always give your dog a bath every time she smells, since too much bathing can cause problems with her skin. That’s where dog perfume comes in handy.

Dog perfumes are the perfect way to keep your pup smelling fresh in between baths, so The Dodo found some of the best dog perfumes and colognes that might have your dog smelling even better than you.

What are dog perfumes and colognes?

Dog perfumes and colognes are basically just like the human versions, but they’re specially designed so they won’t irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. You can use them as a refresher in between baths or after a bath to help your pup smell even better.

Perfumes typically have an oily, thicker consistency and have a higher concentration of fragrance, while colognes are more watery and contain less fragrance.

Deodorizing sprays are similar to perfumes and colognes, but aren’t exactly the same. Perfumes and colognes mask smelly dog scents, like the smell of wet dog, while deodorizing sprays contain substances that actually break down bacteria that cause bad smells. They all work to make your dog smell better, so whichever you choose depends on your preference.

Can I use human perfume on my dog?

You shouldn’t spray your own perfume, cologne or body spray on your dog. Human perfumes have a higher concentration of ingredients (which can be harmful or smell too strong for your dog) and usually have substances that are irritating to dogs, like alcohol.

How to use dog perfume or cologne

Here’s how to use a dog-safe perfume or cologne on your dog to keep her smelling amazing:

  • Do a spot test before spraying it all over your dog to make sure she doesn’t have an allergic reaction.
  • Hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your dog when spraying.
  • Avoid spraying near your dog’s eyes, mouth, ears and any other sensitive areas.
  • After spraying, brush your dog to distribute the scent through her fur.
  • If you want more control, you can spray the scent onto your hands and rub them through your dog’s fur.

When using dog perfume or cologne, make sure you don’t use it to replace regular bathing, since it won’t actually remove dirt or debris in your pup’s coat. You also shouldn’t use scents on a daily basis because they can cover up the smells of certain illnesses, and too much scent can be too strong for your pup.

How to find the best dog perfume or cologne

When buying a scent for your pup, here’s what to look for:

  • Natural ingredients
  • No alcohol, parabens, dyes or sulfates so it won’t irritate your dog’s skin
  • pH-balanced for dogs
  • A scent that smells good to you but isn’t so strong that it bothers your dog

Best dog perfumes and colognes

Here are some of the best dog perfumes, colognes and deodorizing sprays. They’re all made of ingredients that are safe to use on your pup and don’t contain products that are harmful to dogs, like dyes, sulfates and alcohol.

Best overall dog perfume: THE COAT REFRESH

This dog conditioner spray received The Dodo’s Paw of Approval. It’s made with aloe vera and coconut oil and has no sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes or propellants. Plus, it’s pH-balanced for your dog’s sensitive skin. It has a yummy coconut scent to make you and your pup feel like you’re at the beach. 

Best deodorizing dog spray with baking soda: Arm & Hammer for Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

This spray uses baking soda to get rid of smells and refresh your dog’s coat. It’s pH-balanced for dogs, paraben- and sulfate-free, and hypoallergenic. You can use it on wet or dry fur, so it’s perfect to use after baths or in between washes.

Best aromatherapy dog spray: Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray for Pets

Not only does this spray make your pup smell great, but it also soothes itchy skin, detangles fur and helps with anxiety from its aromatherapy blend. It’s made of all-natural ingredients, including lanolin, vitamin E oil, oats, chamomile, lavender and aloe vera extract. Brush the spray through your dog’s coat to make it smell fresh and look shiny.

Best dog spray for wet dog smell: Nature’s Miracle Freshening Spray for Dogs

This spray contains no parabens, alcohol or dyes, so it’s super safe to use on your dog. It neutralizes bad scents (specifically wet dog smell) to keep your pup smelling fresh.

Best dog cologne: Oster Animal Care Canine Tropical Cologne

This dog cologne comes in two fun scents: raspberry and baby powder. It’s 100 percent alcohol free, so it won’t dry out your dog’s skin, and it’s pH-balanced for dogs.

Best pro-level deodorizing dog spray: Wahl Cornflower Aloe Pet Deodorant for All Dogs

This dog perfume spray is pH-balanced and alcohol- and paraben-free. It uses cornflower and aloe extracts to freshen your pup. The Wahl brand is used by professional groomers, so you know it’ll give your dog’s coat a pro-level shine and scent.

Your dog will be the best-smelling pup around with these perfumes and colognes (and you might even want some for yourself). Just don’t overdo it, and make sure you’re keeping up with your dog’s bathing routine!

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