The Best Dog Life Jackets To Keep Your Pup Safe

Useful AND super cute 😍🦈

Dogs in lifejackets

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While most dogs are good swimmers, they’ll get just as tired as a person will if they’re hanging out in the water for a long time.

So whether you’re relaxing by the pool, boating or swimming at the beach, it’s important to keep your dog as safe as possible — and keeping him safe means equipping him with the same floatation device you’d use for yourself or your kids: a life jacket!

Here are some reliable ones to help you make the best choice for your pup:

Petacc Dog Life Jacket
Are traditional lifejackets too boring for you? This shark-shaped life vest will help your dog stay afloat — the fins even allow for extra floatation — but it’s really made for those who love a good two-for-one costume. Plus you'll have the fun of seeing your pup "scare" swimmers!
Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket
This brightly colored life jacket is equipped with belly and chest straps to keep your dog secure, and a handy rescue handle (great for pups who get overexcited around the pool). It also has a front neck float that ensures your dog’s head stays above water.
Kurgo Surf n’ Turf Dog Life Jacket
This option (from Dodo-favorite brand Kurgo) is a bit pricier, but it doubles as a jacket and raincoat! Just remove the flotation device during the off-season and you’ll have your raincoat ready to go.
Aofitee Dog Life Jacket Pet Safety Vestfor Small Medium and Large Dogs (Pink Mermaid, XS)
Another option that’s heavy on the cuteness factor, this mermaid-themed life jacket is built for both floating and adorableness.
Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Jacket
This budget-friendly life jacket comes in a variety of bright colors, so you can have a bit more fun picking the one that matches your pup’s personality. Not only are they bright, but these also come with reflective stripes, so you’ll be able to spot your dog even in darker conditions.