The Best 5 Dog Grooming Tables So You Can Groom Like A Pro

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A dog grooming table can be really useful for dogs who need to be groomed a lot, especially if you plan on doing it yourself.

But there are so many features to a grooming table that it can be hard to figure out what to look for when buying one.

So to help you out, The Dodo found five of the best dog grooming tables you can buy.

Benefits of a dog grooming table

Dog grooming tables make it easier for you to reach your dog and keep him in place while you’re drying, brushing or trimming his fur or even just cutting his nails at home.

Using a grooming table can be safer for dogs than using a regular human bathtub because they have rubber, nonslip surfaces that will prevent your dog from slipping. This is helpful for pups who move around a lot when being groomed. Plus, many dogs get anxious when their feet slide around in a tub, so a grooming table with a rubber surface can help them feel more comfortable. It’s also safer to have your dog steady on his feet because lots of movement around sharp tools can lead to accidents.

And you can just wipe or wash the table after grooming your pup to get rid of all the dog hair.

How to find the best dog grooming table

Here are some things to consider when looking for a dog grooming table:

  • Size — You should look for a table that’s big enough for your dog, especially if you have a medium- to large-sized dog.
  • Weight limit — Check the weight limit of the table to make sure it'll hold the weight of your dog.
  • Sturdiness — Make sure the table is super sturdy.
  • Height — Make sure the table is a good height for you so you’ll be comfortable grooming your dog. Many tables even have adjustable heights so you can sit or stand.
  • Material — The surface material should be nonslip so your dog doesn’t slide around on the table.
  • Grooming arm — Many tables have a grooming arm attached that uses a collar to help keep your dog in place.
  • Ease of cleaning — The table should be easy for you to clean since your dog will probably get hair all over it.
  • Ease of storage — If you don’t have room for a big table, many grooming tables are foldable for easy storage.

How to use a dog grooming table

Here are some tips for using a dog grooming table:

  • Familiarize your dog with the table while he’s still young.
  • If this is your pup’s first time using a grooming table, introduce your dog to the table without grooming him so he gets comfortable with it. For example, put him on the table and just let him sit on it. You can leave the table out and let him sniff it, too.
  • If you have a big dog, train him to jump onto the table so you don’t have to try to lift him up. Or you can use a ramp or dog stairs to make it easier for him to get onto the table. You can get this ramp from Amazon for $119.95.
  • If you have an adjustable table, make sure it’s a comfortable height for you.
  • Use the arm to help keep your dog in place to keep him and you safe.

Best dog grooming tables

Best overall: Flying Pig Dog Grooming Table

This dog grooming table has a cute bone-patterned textured surface to keep your pup safe. It’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel, and the legs have rubber bottoms to prevent them from slipping. It includes a storage basket under the table so you can keep all your grooming supplies right where you need them. The adjustable grooming arm and strap will keep your pup stable, and the large size can hold up to 330 pounds, so it’s super sturdy. 

Best small dog grooming table: Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

This small grooming table is perfect for little dogs. It has a nonslip surface to keep your dog steady, and the adjustable arm has a loop to put around his neck that will keep him stable. The tabletop rotates, so you can easily groom every side of your pup without even moving. The size is great for storing in small spaces, and you can choose from three colors, too.

Best large dog grooming table: Polar Aurora Dog Grooming Table

This grooming table is ideal for grooming large dogs. It holds up to 330 pounds, so it will definitely be able to support your big dog. It has stainless steel legs that are super strong, and there are anti-slip pads on the bottoms of the table legs to ensure that the table is extra sturdy. The rounded edges of the table will keep you and your dog safe, and the pebbled rubber surface of the table will prevent your dog from slipping. The grooming table also has an adjustable grooming arm, which is ideal if you need to groom dogs of multiple sizes. There’s a basket under the table, where you can place all your supplies to have them handy while you’re grooming for convenience. The legs are foldable, and the arm is removable for easy storage. It’s also waterproof and anti-static, so it’s easy to wash and hair won’t cling to it.

Best budget dog grooming table: BestPet Foldable Dog Grooming Table

This table is foldable to easily store it almost anywhere. And the surface of the table is made of waterproof and anti-static rubber that makes it easy to clean. The rounded corners won’t hurt you, your kids or your pup if anyone bumps into them. The bottoms of the table legs have rubber feet to keep the table steady, as well. You can choose from two sizes to find the one that’ll work best for your dog.

Best grooming table with two straps: Yaheetech Pet Grooming Table

This grooming table has two straps (one for your dog’s neck and one for his back side), so it’s great for dogs who move around a lot when being groomed since it’ll help keep them still. It includes a tray underneath to put all your grooming supplies in one place, and the stainless steel legs are foldable to easily store the table. The table holds up to 264 pounds, so it’ll fit any size dog. It has an anti-slip surface, and the legs have rubber bottoms to keep it stable. The anti-static surface doesn’t attract fur, so cleaning the table is super easy.