These Grooming Hammocks Will Make Trimming Your Dog’s Nails A Breeze

They’re not just for relaxing.

dogs in grooming hammocks

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Hammocks aren’t just for lounging.

There’s such a thing as dog grooming hammocks, and they can be a huge help if your dog moves around a lot when you try to cut his nails.

The Dodo spoke to Helen Schaefer, a national certified master groomer and a certified canine esthetician with Heart + Paw, to find out how to find the best dog grooming hammock for your pup and how to use it.

Benefits of a dog grooming hammock

Dog grooming hammocks are great if your dog gets really anxious when you try to cut his nails — especially if he tries to run away when you bring out the nail clippers.

“These hammocks help relax pets that may find having their legs and feet worked on uncomfortable,” Schaefer told The Dodo.

Besides just nail clipping, hammocks can be used for other things, too, like trimming your dog's hair, cleaning his ears or giving him medicine.

Rather than chasing your dog around the house, which will make him even more anxious and could even hurt him or you, you could use a grooming harness to keep your dog still and get the whole process done quickly.

Grooming hammocks (aka slings) can also be used for dogs who aren’t able to easily stand while being groomed.

“They are also a great tool for pets that may be disabled or arthritic and find standing difficult in general,” Schaefer said.

Can you use a grooming hammock for all dogs?

Before you even start looking for a grooming hammock, keep in mind that they should only be used for dogs who weigh 30 pounds or less.

“It is impossible to use this tool in a safe and effective manner for a larger dog [larger than 30 pounds],” Schaefer said.

While some grooming slings say they can hold a bigger dog, it may not be safe.

And it’s best to avoid using hammocks at home with certain breeds, like “breeds susceptible to spinal disc injuries, such as dachshunds or corgis,” because, “should a piece of equipment fail, a drop of a mere 6 inches can severely injure a pet,” Schaefer said.

How to find the best dog grooming hammock

The most important thing to look for in a grooming hammock is size. Make sure the harness you choose is a good size for your dog to be comfortable in.

“Hammocks should be the appropriate size for the dog,” Schaefer said. “The dog’s weight should be evenly distributed in the hammock, with adequate space for the legs and neck. You don’t want any areas of the pet to be pinched.”

And to make sure your grooming sling’s extra sturdy, Schaefer recommends looking for ones that have holes reinforced with grommets.

A hammock lined with something soft will keep your pup comfortable while you groom, too.

“Look for hammocks that are made of or fully lined with a soft material, like fleece or sherpa,” Schaefer said.

How to use a dog grooming hammock

To use a grooming hammock, you’ll need some place to hang it, like a grooming table, grooming arm or any rod that’s securely attached to a stable surface.

Follow these steps to use a grooming hammock to help you groom your pup:

  • Place the grooming table on a flat surface and make sure your grooming arm is securely attached. Or if you’re not using a grooming table, make sure the rod is extra sturdy before attaching the hammock.
  • “Place the hammock under your pet, being careful to get all four of their feet into the holes,” Schaefer said. “Gather all the grommets together and gently and slowly lift your pet until you are able to connect the hammock to the rod or table arm.”
  • Keep your dog only a few inches off the table or ground. This is important because if the harness or arm breaks, even a fall of a short distance can injure your pup.
  • “If your pet has mobility issues, or is otherwise disabled, and the hammock is needed in order to complete a groom, make sure that their feet can touch the surface of the table and the hammock is supplementing them, rather than fully supporting them standing,” Schaefer said.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the hammock for more than five minutes at a time. “Pressure on the soft tummy areas of dogs for too long can affect blood flow and lead to serious medical issues,” Schaefer said.
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times and don’t leave the room while he’s still hanging. “[Dogs should] never [be] left unattended in a hammock,” Schaefer said.

Best dog grooming hammocks

Groomer-recommended dog grooming hammock: Dheera Pet Hammock

Schaefer recommends this grooming hammock that’s made from a non-pill wool that’s super comfortable for your dog. The reinforced grommets will hold your pup safely in the sling with S hooks. One five-star Amazon reviewer said, “This is even better than I hoped for! Much softer and thicker than I thought. Made VERY well, and it holds my dog safe and snug.”

Best professional-level dog grooming hammock: Groomers World Dog Grooming Hammock

The holes in this hammock are reinforced with metal grommets to keep your dog secure. One Amazon reviewer said, “I have tried other grooming slings and DIY options. This is by far the easiest and most convenient. My little dog doesn't struggle against it, which allows me to trim her nails in 15 minutes by myself.”

Best multi-use dog grooming hammock: TYISON Pet Grooming Hammock

This dog grooming hammock’s made of a double-layer, soft flannel fabric that can even double as a towel if you want to groom your pup after a bath. Plus, it’ll keep him cozy while you groom. It’s machine washable, so you can throw it in the wash to easily clean up when you’re finished.

Best dog grooming hammock for pups who want to rest while you groom: Loyalty Pet Products Dog Grooming Hammock

This dog grooming hammock includes a headrest that’s perfect for lazy pups who want to take a nap while they’re being groomed. Velcro straps and a zipper will keep your pup secured and let you adjust it to make him comfortable. It attaches to a grooming table arm with straps and clips for extra security.