What Should I Feed My Dog if He Has A Sensitive Stomach?

No more gurgling tummies 🐶👏

dog with sensitive stomach

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If your dog has a sensitive stomach, it can be hard to find food that won’t bother him.

“We often see dogs with sensitive stomachs — mushy stools, vomiting or gurgling stomachs,” Dr. Jennifer Adler, veterinarian at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, told The Dodo. 

According to Dr. Adler, some dogs just require a simple over-the-counter diet change. “Try something gentle like poultry- or lamb-based, or with natural ingredients,” Dr. Adler recommends. 

Luckily there are brands that create formulas specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs, offering high-protein options and blends that digest easily.

Here are some formulas that veterinarians recommend, in dry and wet options:

Of course, it’s important to pay attention to how your dog is responding to the new food.

“If the upset stomach persists on a blander diet, seek the advice of your veterinarian," Dr. Adler said.