15 Of The Best Dog Costumes On Amazon

That fuzzy spider one 😱😂

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if your pup is going to win this year’s costume contest, you should definitely start planning his outfit now.

Fortunately, no matter what kind of costume you’re going for (cute, funny, scary, pop culture-y, etc.), there’s a dog costume on Amazon that you’ll love. And after reading hundreds of five-star reviews, The Dodo is here to help you decide which dog costume to choose.

Here are some of the best we found.

NACOCO Dog Pirate Costume

Turn your dog into a scallywag with this cute pirate costume from NACOCO. It comes with a body that fits over the front legs and chest (complete with hook hands) and a foam pirate hat that secures snugly with Velcro under the chin. It’s the perfect ensemble for your first mate.

California Costumes Pet Spider Pup Costume

What has eight legs, six eyes, and is covered in fur? Your dog in this spider costume from California Costumes! Available in four different sizes, the spider costume comes in two pieces — a vest and a headpiece — and is lightweight, so it’s comfy enough for your dog to wear all day.

Rubie’s Disney "Winnie The Pooh" Costumes

Choose from Piglet, Tigger, Eyeore or Pooh when picking up a “Winnie The Pooh”-themed costume from Rubie’s (aka this is the perfect matching costume idea if you have multiple pups). Each costume comes in five different sizes and includes a character vest and a matching hood.

California Costumes Stegosaurus Costume

Someone’s escaped Jurassic Park! This stegosaurus outfit from California Costumes is head-to-toe adorable. It comes with a complete bodysuit and hood, and even an add-on tail. “I love the product, it’s absolutely hilarious on my dog,” one pet parent wrote. “She is [a] 55-pound American dingo, and we got a large costume.”

Rasta Imposta Shark Fin Costume

*The ”Jaws” theme ominously plays.* This super-simple shark fin costume from Rasta Imposta secures around your pup’s belly so it won’t hinder his movement. It’s a great option for dogs who are comfortable dressing up, but don’t like restrictive costumes. You can grab it in one of three sizes, with the largest able to fit even very big dogs. 

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

Slip this lion’s mane cowl from TOMSENN over your dog’s head and instantly turn him into a fearsome beast — the cuddly kind of fearsome beast, that is. It comes in two different styles and fits medium-sized and large dogs best. And yes, the mane even comes with a faux-fur tail topper to complete the look.

California Costumes Action Movie Costume

Your dog will look like he’s ready for anything in this California Costumes action movie outfit. It comes with beefed-up arms, camo pants and a tousled wig — the getup that all the great action heroes rep. “We have never felt so safe in our home,” one parent joked. “Wade protects our home in style.”

DC Comics “Teen Titans” Robin Costume

“This costume is absolutely ridiculous and from the moment I saw it, I knew that I had to have it immediately,” one five-star reviewer wrote about the DC Comics Robin dog costume on Amazon. “My 1-year-old son will be Batman for Halloween, so after seeing this we decided our two Boston terriers would be dressed up as Robin and the Joker.” You can grab this costume in sizes up to 3XL.

Rubie’s Puppy Latte Costume

Do you ever think to yourself, “My dog is so cute I could just eat him up?” Well, now you can. Rubie’s puppy latte costume comes with an adorable coffee-cup-shaped shirt with a ruffled “whipped cream” collar and a matching whipped cream hat with a straw poking out of the top. It just doesn’t get much cuter than this costume.

Cuteboom Motorcycle Jacket

If your dog is a tough guy, this motorcycle jacket from Cuteboom will show the neighborhood he means business. This faux-leather jacket is windproof and waterproof, so your dog can even wear it on walks long after Halloween is over. “I love this jacket! It’s so cool, and I think the quality is great,” one pet parent wrote.

Rubie’s "Ghostbusters" Costume

Who you gonna call? The “Ghostbusters” costume from Rubie’s comes with all the fixings — the iconic tan jumpsuit, an inflatable proton pack and, of course, the famous Ghostbusters logo. “It's incredibly adorable, and the backpack is the icing on the cake,” one pet parent said.

California Costumes Mail Carrier Costume

Dogs and mail carriers go way back, and this hilarious dog costume on Amazon may just bury the hatchet between the two sworn enemies (and occasional best friends). The mail carrier costume from California Costumes comes with a shirt that slips over your pup’s front legs, a detachable piece of mail and a USPS ballcap. 

Rubie’s Hot Dog Costume

You can’t get more classic than a hot dog dog costume, and this one from Rubie’s is perfect. The hot dog secures under the belly with Velcro and comes in sizes from small to XL.

Rubie’s Disney Princess Costume

Your dog can show up to the Halloween party as Ariel, Belle, Snow White or Cinderella thanks to Rubie’s Disney Princess costume collection. Each costume comes with the iconic dress each respective princess wore, as well as a matching wig.

California Costumes Monarch Butterfly

Sweet and simple, this monarch butterfly costume from California Costumes comes with two pieces — an antennae hat and a pair of foam monarch wings that secure around your pup’s front legs with elastic. This costume comes in four sizes, with the largest able to fit a 90-pound dog, as one parent confirmed in the reviews.