The Cutest Christmas Sweaters For Your Dog

You'll want to snuggle her even more 😍🎄

christmas dog sweaters

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You can’t think about Christmas without thinking about classic Christmas sweaters!

Wrapping yourself in a sweater is the best feeling during that winter weather, so of course you want your pet to feel just as warm and snuggly.

There are so many amazing dog sweaters out there, but The Dodo did the work for you and rounded up the cutest ones to keep your pet cozy in the cold.

The Worthy Dog® Snowman Pet Hoodie

Dressing your dog up as a snowman might be the cutest thing you can do this holiday season.

Knitted Dog Christmas Onesie

This longjohn look is so cute it’ll make you melt. The jumpsuit is great for hunkering down in a cabin or curling up by the fire.

Blueberry Pet Vintage Holiday Dog Sweater

The pattern is just gorgeous. And if you really want to round out your shopping spree, you can get a matching scarf, blanket or sweater of your own.

Mark & Graham Knit Dog Sweater

This turtleneck is as sweet as your dog and is available in a few festive styles. And if you want to spoil him even more, you can throw down a little more money to personalize it.

The Worthy Dog® Windsor Tartan Plaid Fleece Lined Jacket

This cozy jacket will keep your pup nice and warm on those cold winter walks.

Bite Me Gingerbread Dog Sweater

This red sweater’s got the words “bite me” written on the back next to a gingerbread man who’s somehow “missing” a leg. It’s the perfect look for a sassy pet.

Plaid Dog Christmas Sweater

It’s a classic for a reason! Your dog will look so good in this red-and-green plaid outfit.

Dog Polka Dot Sweater Dress

If your pup wants to get all dolled up, this is the way to go. The bow has the cutest pom-poms, and the skirt adds some (literal) flair!

Christmas Fleece Dog Jacket

This snuggly sweater is perfect for those winter walks. Not to mention, the hood will protect your dog from the falling snow.

Striped Dog Snowflake Sweater

It’s even got snowflakes stitched in to make your pup feel like she’s up at Santa’s workshop!

Frisco Plaid Cable Knit Dog & Cat Sweater Dress

The red plaid on the skirt and the bow adds a festive touch to this classy look.

Frisco Reindeer Fair Isle Dog Sweater

The Fair Isle design is great for Christmas, and it’s all because of that adorable reindeer border.

Gold Bow Dog Sweater

Your dog will be the best present under the tree in this sweet sweater. And that big shiny bow on the back really completes this look!

Reindeer And Christmas Lights Dog Sweater

The colorful lights on the reindeer’s antlers really make this striped sweater merry and bright! (And it’s also available in green.)

Red And Green Turtleneck Dog Sweater Dress

From the red-and-green color scheme to the star pattern to the ruffled skirt, this has everything you could ever need from a Christmas sweater dress for your pup.