How To Find The Best Dog Breeds For You

And why breed isn't everything 💞

best dog breeds

There are a ton of different types of dogs, each with their own unique characteristics.

And if you’re thinking of adopting a dog, you’re probably wondering if there are certain dog breeds that’ll fit in your life better than others.

In order to find the best dog breed for you, you should make sure your possible pup’s personality aligns with your lifestyle, as well as the people, animals and places in it.

Some purebred dogs are predisposed to have the physical characteristics you’re looking for, but every dog’s personality is different, which is a super (if not, the most) important consideration to make when adopting a dog.

The Dodo rounded up everything you need to know about finding the best dog for you, so your next dog can fit in perfectly with your family, home and lifestyle.

Best dog breeds for families

When trying to find the best family dogs, you’ll want to look for pups who are friendly and play well with people and other pets. If you’re looking to adopt — but aren’t the only one in your household — here are your go-to guides.

  • The Best Family Dogs: Some of the best dogs for families are ones who are affectionate, are active and just love being around people. These are qualities that can be found in any kind of dog, so here’s how to know if a potential pup fits the bill.
  • The Best Dogs For Kids: If you’re already a parent to human children, you probably want to narrow your search to the best dog breeds for kids. This will tell you how to find a pup who’ll be great with them.
  • The Best Dog Breeds For Cats: As a cat parent looking to expand your family, you’re probably trying to find a dog who’s best-suited to get along with cats. Here are some characteristics you should look for. (And don’t forget introductions are an important part of this, too!)

Calm dog breeds

If being outdoorsy and active just isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the energy to keep up with a hyper pup, you’re probably looking for a calm dog breed.

  • Calmest Dog Breeds: Some dogs are naturally more calm than others, and it’s possible to find a calm dog in pretty much any breed. Here’s what you need to know.
  • The Best Dogs For Seniors: Older adults can sometimes have certain needs and extra challenges, and their next dog should fit into their lifestyle. These are some things to look for.

Best dog breeds for apartments

There are certain dog breeds that might be best-suited for living in an apartment.

It’s important to adopt a pup who’ll be comfortable in a smaller space, which means apartment owners might have their eyes on smaller breeds.

However, a dog’s personality is far more important than breed when it comes to finding the right fit, so it’s important to know what qualities to look for.

Best dog breeds for first-time owners

The best dog breeds for first-time owners are the ones that won’t be too much to take on. But here’s the thing: Only you know what you’re willing and able to handle.

For some potential pet parents, that could mean a small, calm pup, since owning a dog for the first time can be overwhelming.

For others, a big, energetic dog might be the perfect starter pup.

So that means any dog breed can be the best one for a new pet parent, since finding the right personality is more important than finding the right breed.

The best dog breed DNA test

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