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Dog Bathrobes Are A Thing And You Know You Need One

Safe for post-bath zoomies 🥰

dog bathrobes

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Bath time might not be every dog's favorite activity — but they can all get behind snuggling up warm and cozy after it's over.

And if there’s one thing that can wrap a dog in coziness, it’s a robe.

Dog bathrobes are amazing for so many reasons — like how they help dry your dog off after a bath even if they usually run away from a towel, and how they can make sure your pup stays warm when they’re wet in the middle of winter.

Plus they just look really, really adorable.

Whatever the use, these are some of the cuddliest and most absorbent bathrobes to help your dog dry even quicker — even if he’s running around doing post-bath zoomies.

Microfiber Fast Drying Absorbent Hooded Bath Towel
This sweet bathrobe is perfect for dainty pups who love to show off just how adorable they really are.
Budd Pet Hooded Bath Towel
With so many colors to choose from, this hilarious robe can even double as a costume. This one’s just for smaller dogs, so make sure to measure!
Derpychappy Premium Dog Bathrobe Towel
This is a bathrobe made for silly pups with even sillier senses of humor.
Gold Crown Cotton Dog Bathrobe
You already know your pup rules the house — now there will be no question with this terry cloth robe embroidered with a gold crown. Kings and queens, rejoice!
Towel Gown Ultra Light Luxury
This robe not only has a beautiful color, but the high collar is perfect for keeping pups warm while drying off during the colder months.
Bonawen Dog Bathrobe
This hooded robe will keep your pup warm and cozy — and it comes in brown, too!
Rukka Dog Bathrobe
Here’s a bathrobe that can almost double as a coat on colder walks.
Stock Show Pet Pajama with Hood
If your pup’s favorite thing besides snuggles is napping, this is the bathrobe for her.
Gzddg Dog Bathrobe Towel
Your pup can dry off — and look dazzling — in this red bathrobe.
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