Dog Backpacks Are A Thing And They're As Amazing As They Sound

“When they're attached to your front, you can sneak them in anywhere" 😂🐶❤️

dog in a backpack

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Whether you’re trying to be super extra, or you actually have the laziest dog ever who hates walking, dog backpacks might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

And they’re literally one of the most ridiculous ways to bring your dog places — but also *perfect* if you’re the kind of parent who needs to keep an eye on your fur kid literally at all times.

And they aren’t even just backpacks. You’ve got slings or even kangaroo-type hoodies that’ll help you carry around your pup hassle — and hands — free.

But since dog carriers take some getting used to, The Dodo’s very own Emily Pelleymounter and Laura Johnson decided to help you on your search by giving the inside scoop of how dog backpacks have worked for them.

So here are some of the most ridiculously cute (and convenient) dog carriers on the market to get you and your pup from point A to point B in the most over-the-top way ever.

Emily’s Pick: Pawaboo Pet Carrier

Dog in a Pawaboo Pet Carrier
Emily Pelleymounter and her foster puppy, Pepper, in her Pawaboo Pet Carrier | Emily Pelleymounter

A dedicated foster mama, Pelleymounter wanted to find an easy way to get around while having her foster pup, Pepper, in tow.

“It makes carrying puppies around hands-free,” Pelleymounter said about the convenience of her adorable dog backpack.

But that’s not all. According to Pelleymounter, she could bring Pepper almost everywhere she went when the backpack was involved. “When they're attached to your front, you can sneak them in anywhere. You can discreetly carry a puppy under a coat, while shopping or at a bar. You never have to be apart!” Pelleymounter said.

And if sneaking puppies into stores isn’t enough of a selling point, it’s also a great way for your dog to see the world around them. “My foster puppy Pepper would like riding on a Citi Bike with me,” Pelleymounter said. “She was facing out so she could see everything.” 

Just remember that puppies grow fast, so the size you first get might not work for too long — like Pelleymounter discovered pretty quickly. “Puppies grow every day. I think I had a small and a medium at one point because they didn't last too long in the small size.”

Laura’s Pick: Whizzotech Adjustable Pet Carrier

french bulldog in a dog backpack
Laura Johnson’s dog, Pierre, in his backpack | Laura Johnson

Johnson was looking for a way to help her stubborn walker, Pierre, stay out just a bit longer for walks.

“The carrier is great for when we're going for longer walks or hikes because once my pup gets lazy or stops walking, I can pick him up and carry him around comfortably,” Johnson said. 

It’s a great way for Pierre to stay out longer to people-watch without all the drama of having to walk everywhere himself.

“He LOVES getting to watch people and dogs around him without having to walk or overheat,” Johnson said. “It looks somewhat uncomfortable for him, but he seems to love it.”

Uncomfortable maybe — but probably in the same way some pups lounge around in what *looks* like the worst position ever, yet there they are snoring away.

But looking somewhat silly doesn’t stop Pierre from having the best time ever being carried around like the king he is. “When street fairs were allowed, we'd carry Pierre around in the carrier and it was SUCH a hit,” Johnson said. “I had so many people stop me and ask me where I got it.”

Other Dog Carriers You’ll Love

Chevron Adjustable Pocket Sling Pet Carrier

Chevron Adjustable Pocket Sling Pet Carrier

If you have the type of pup who wouldn’t be caught dead without a fashionable bandana, this sling bag is for her. Keep in mind that it holds dogs up to 13 pounds — not that you’d be carrying around a mastiff in a bag anyway.

Gray and White Striped Cotton Dog Sling

Grey and White Striped Cotton Dog Sling

This sling isn’t just cute, it’s also made with an ultra plush liner that’ll keep your pup super comfy and cozy. It holds pups up to 10 pounds.

Unisex Pet Carrier Hoodie Cat Dog Pouch

Unisex Pet Carrier Hoodie Cat Dog Pouch

If you’re not into the idea of straps all up on your shoulders, this comfy solution will still keep your pup close to you — while also giving you tons of opportunities to have people ask you questions about where you got it.