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These Catnip 'Weed' Toys Will Totally Mellow Your Cat

Totally legal 🌿

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Catnip is basically weed for cats.

Not only does catnip look just like marijuana, but it also affects your cat the same way pot does humans.

If you want to spoil your cat with some catnip, while also having a little fun with the weed connection, it turns out there’s a whole market of catnip joints, bongs and buds that do just that.

(Totally legal, promise.)

"Cat Weed" Catnip
It doesn't get more on the nose than this.
Meowijuana Catnip Joints
They definitely look like real joints, but don't try to light one of these! They're filled with catnip (and not made for human consumption). Just break it in half and sprinkle the catnip for your BFF.
Meowijuana Paw Natural OG Catnip
If crumbling the buds yourself is too much work, this organic catnip comes pre-ground.
Dooby's Cat Nip Joint Toy
This one's refillable, so the party never stops.
Felt Catnip Bong Toy
It actually looks like the real thing!
Catnip Weed Nug Toy
How hilarious would it be to watch your cat bat this around the living room?
Felt Catnip Joints (Set Of 3)
You can choose to have these filled with silvervine or other herbs, if you aren't a catnip fan.
Crocheted Catnip Stuffed Weed Pipe
This chew toy looks like weed, but it's stuffed with catnip.
Joint Catnip Toy
This toy is hand-crocheted and so adorable.
Meowijuana Catnip Buds
Did this make you do a double take? These are CATNIP buds, promise!
Meowijuana Munchies Cat Treats
These treats make the perfect munchies, since they have catnip centers.
Crochet Bong Cat Toy
You can add a bowl too, if you want! And the catnip is optional.
Meowijuana Catnip Bud Pawty Mix
It's got seven different herbs, including catnip AND silvervine!
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