The Best Cat Sweaters On Amazon To Keep Your BFF Warm This Winter

Sweater weather is here ❄️

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Whether you’re looking for a stylish accessory for the cooler season or a piece of pet clothing to keep your cat from scratching a healing wound or irritated skin, a cat sweater can serve both purposes.

There are so many cute cat sweaters on Amazon and beyond, and The Dodo found some of the best ones that pet parents (and their cats!) have fallen for.

So, no matter your reason for looking for a cat sweater, you’ll definitely find one that suits your fancy in the list below.


The cardigan style cat sweater on Amazon from EXPAWLORER buttons closed along the chest and features a smart double stripe on the left sleeve. The knit material is lightweight yet warm, and the shorter sleeves and open belly area won’t impede your cat from doing her normal activities.

Bolbove Cable Knit Turtleneck

Over 800 pet parents love the Bolbove cable knit turtleneck for cats and small dogs and say it’s not only stylish, but their cats actually seem to enjoy wearing it. “Kitty loves it and so do I,” one wrote. “My 18-year-old cat gets a bit chilled at night as we have concrete floors in our place … This sweater went on easily, with the least amount of difficulty, and my old boy snuggles down into it and will wear it for days.”

Dociote Fleece Sweatshirt

This fleece pullover from Dociote comes in six comfy colors and three sizes. It’s made with ultra-soft fleece material that stretches and breathes, making it enjoyable for your cat to wear. It slips on easily over your cat’s head and leaves her entire chest and front legs free for movement.

BOBIBI Pet Sweater

Feeling fall-ish? This orange-and-navy argyle sweater from BOBIBI on Amazon is the perfect thing for your cat to wear while watching the leaves change colors. It features striped sleeves, a chunky turtleneck and a very academic-looking argyle print.

Mihachi Winter Leopard Cat Sweater

Tap into your cat’s wild side with this leopard print sweater from Mihachi. The turtleneck keeps your cat nice and toasty, while the large leg holes make it easy for her to do her cat business. You can grab one in a small, medium or large.

KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie

Available in sizes from extra-small up through 2XL, this plaid cat sweater on Amazon from KOOLTAIL is a favorite among pet parents, who say it’s easy to put on, fits well and, honestly, looks very cool. “It fits my cat Ava great,” one cat parent wrote. “She had a biopsy on her shoulder she was healing from, so clothes helped her not scratch or lick it. She is beautiful in literally anything she wears, let's be real, but since we live in Portland, OR, she definitely fits in with the crowd now.”

Evursua Striped Cat Sweater

The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time — and this one from Evursua is one your cat won’t want to take off. It comes in green, blue and pink and features a chunky turtleneck and ribbed knit hem around the belly and arm holes. Simply pull the sweater over your cat’s head, guide her legs through the front arm holes, and you’re good to go.


There’s really nothing cuter than this strawberry sweater from CHBORCHICEN on Amazon. This turtleneck design features two strawberries with polka dots and comes in either red or pink. Or you can also check out the two adorable heart sweater designs from CHBORCHICEN that are also included in this listing.

Upaw Turtleneck Cat Argyle Sweater

“My cat seems to like wearing this soft, stretchy sweater when it's cold,” one cat parent said of the Upaw turtleneck cat sweater on Amazon. “He did not try to pull it off and even tolerated the leg loops, although the sweater stays on without them … Well made and sturdy. Went through the wash without any problems or red color issues; air dried quickly overnight.” This sweater comes in sizes small and medium.

Bonaweite Lightweight Turtleneck Sweater

Designed with hairless cats in mind, this turtleneck sweater is made with skin-friendly cotton fabric that is just as breathable as it is warm and comfy. Though it’s made for hairless cats, cats of all kinds will enjoy the lightweight feel of this sweater that adds a bit of comfort to a chilly day.

Lanyar Holiday Pet Sweater

Choose from either a reindeer pattern or a fun penguin print when you pick up a holiday cat sweater on Amazon from Lanyar. It’s made with cozy acrylic that will keep your cat toasty on those cold winter days.