If You're Obsessed With Your Cat You Need This Hoodie

Wear your cat EVERYWHERE 😻

cat pouch hoodie

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Just when you thought you and your cat couldn’t be more attached at the hip … BAM! The cat pouch hoodie.

This perfectly ridiculous sweatshirt is exactly what it sounds like: a hoodie with a pouch you can actually put your cat in.

You and your cat (or even your small dog) can walk around like a couple of kangaroos, which is just peak crazy cat person — in the most adorable way.

Plus, think of the photo ops when your cat pokes his little head out of that giant pouch on your sweatshirt!

Since you obviously consider yourself an obsessed cat parent, and want to take that title to the next level, The Dodo rounded up some of the best cat pouch hoodies around.

Fuzzy Pet Hoodie With Cat Face Pouch
The pouch IS a cat face and it really doesn’t get more iconic than that.
Galaxy Pet Sweatshirt
Right when it seemed cat pouch hoodies couldn’t be more ridiculous, here’s a galaxy print one — because of course this exists.
Fleece Pet Pouch Pullover
The fleece makes this sweatshirt nice and cozy for you and your cat.
Pet Holder Hoodie With Cat Face Print
You'll be twinning with your BFF in this sweatshirt. You are just a couple of cool cats, after all!
Kangaroo Pouch Pet Holder Sweatshirt
No one will even know your cat’s inside this standard hoodie until her tiny head pops out!