The Cutest Phone Cases For Anyone Who Loves Cats

From subtle to wild 😹

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Phone cases allow you to show a bit of your personality while keeping your tech safe from bumps and falls. And if you’re a cat lover, then it just makes sense for you to have a cat-themed phone case.

The Dodo found some of the best iPhone and Android cat phone cases out there — from low-profile transparent cases to cases with built-in wallets — all of which are decked out in awesome cat-themed patterns and designs.

All of these cases are so fun that you might just have to start a cat phone case collection.

LCHULLE iPhone Cat Case

This shock-absorbing iPhone 7/8/SE 2020 case from LCHULLE features ears, whiskers and beveled edges to protect both your screen and your camera. You can pick one up in either pink or black (or grab a two-pack of both!) and protect your phone in ultimate style.

MAYCARI “Catcus” Phone Case

If you love puns as much as you love cats, then you’ll love this “Catcus” phone case from MAYCARI. You can grab one that fits iPhone models 6 through X and enjoy its silky feel and shock absorption.

MOSNOVO Samsung Galaxy Space Cat Case

The only thing better than cats is cats … in space! This transparent case is covered in adorable cats wearing space helmets and surrounded by planets. It fits Galaxy S10 phones, and MOSNOVO also sells this case for iPhone X, which can be shopped for right here.

Coralogo Color Cat Case For iPhone

Compatible with iPhone models 6 through 12, the Coralogo cat phone case is outfitted with buttons on the back that are meant to help fidgeters stay focused. And Coralogo even provides a fun game you can play with a friend using the rainbow-colored buttons — whoever presses down the last button loses!

Bcov Galaxy S21 Cat Phone Case

If you’re looking for a storage solution for both your Galaxy phone and credit card, this Bcov phone case with cats on the front is the perfect solution. It comes with a durable phone holder and slots for your most-grabbed-for cards. “Love this and have already gotten raves about it from strangers!!!” one five-star reviewer wrote.

Bcov iPhone 11 Cat Case

iPhone users can also pick up a Bcov wallet phone case with cats on display. This one features a gang of colorful cats on the front and back as well as a printed magnetic clip to hold the cover in place to make sure you don’t lose any of your valuables.

Blingey’s Transparent iPhone 11 Cat Case

Love the color of your iPhone 11? This cat phone case on Amazon from Blingey’s lets the hue shine through while adding a few cute cats to the mix. The transparent case is covered with a bunch of illustrated cats with their balls of yarn and isn’t bulky compared to other cases on the market.

MAYCARI iPhone Black Cat Case

Another great transparent case is this one from MAYCARI with over 2,400 five-star ratings. Theres a print with rainbow-colored cats and another print with a black cat peeking over the edge, which is a favorite of one five-star reviewer. “This is the cutest phone case I’ve ever had on my phone!” they wrote. “It actually almost matches my cat perfectly, which is an added bonus!”

ZQWY iPhone Cat Case

Let this crew of cats protect your phone. The ZQWY phone case is made for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus and is lightweight, slim and the design won’t rub off over time. The raised edges protect your screen and camera, and the case absorbs shock if and when your phone is dropped.

Velvet Caviar iPhone Cat Case

People with black cats — this one’s for you. The Velvet Caviar transparent cat phone case is covered with magical black cats that won’t fade thanks to the crack-proof coating over the design. And don’t worry about dropping your phone. This case absorbs shock and redistributes it to make sure your phone stays safe and crack-free.