The Best Movies For Kids Who Love Cats

All our favorite cat movies ❤️😸

If your kid loves cats, they probably have cat toys, cat books, cat clothes, cat everything — but have they seen all the best cat movies for kids yet?

From Disney’s “The Aristocats” to Studio Ghibli’s “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” there are so many great cat movies out there, and your kids are going to fall hard for all of the ones The Dodo listed below.

Paired with the classics are some lesser-known cat movies you may not have heard about before. So get comfy, grab some snacks and get ready to have a blast with your cat-themed movie marathon.

The best cat movies for kids

Stream one of these flicks during your next movie night.

“The Aristocats”

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When Duchess and her three kittens get kidnapped and taken away to the French countryside, the streetwise alley cat O’Malley must pull together a ragtag team to get them back home. Music, adventure and comedy come together in a perfect cat-centric film that will become an instant favorite in your household.

“Cats & Dogs”

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This hilarious 2001 live-action movie is all about the stereotypical war between cats and dogs, and it’s much more intense than any of us ever thought. Using spy technology, incredible martial arts skills and quick wits, the dogs must outsmart the cats, or else!

“Oliver & Company”

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When Oliver the kitten finds himself homeless, he teams up with a “gang of canine con artists,” who run shady deals all over New York City. But when he realizes he can be comfortable in a loving home, Oliver must decide which life he’ll want to live.

“Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”

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After being left far away from home while their family goes on vacation, two dogs and Sassy the cat must adventure their way through fields, forests and rivers to get back home. Along the way, they learn the importance of sticking together.

“Shrek 2”

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In “Shrek 2,” the sequel to the iconic Dreamworks fairytale film, we meet Puss in Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas. He may have been sent to send Shrek and Donkey to their demise, but Puss in Boots turns out to be the new sidekick they never knew they needed.

“Kiki’s Delivery Service”

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In this classic Studio Ghibli film, Kiki and her black cat sidekick, Jiji, take flight to a new city so Kiki can learn how to become a witch. And while there, she meets a local bakery owner, who helps her start her very own delivery service.

“Puss in Boots”

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Sure, the 2011 “Shrek” spinoff film “Puss in Boots” is great. But if you’re looking for something much campier, have you and your kids seen the 1988 live-action “Puss in Boots” starring Christopher Walken? Walken stars as Puss (who transforms into a human in this version) in peak ’80s movie magic with singing, dancing and a prince who falls in love with a princess.

“A Cat in Paris”

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Zoe doesn’t know that her cat leads a double life at night. When she goes to bed, he slips away and teams up with a local robber, who is being chased by her police officer mother. And when Zoe decides to follow her cat one evening, her life turns upside down. (This film might be best for slightly older kids, around 10+.)

Kids who love cats will love these movies, and something tells us parents will too!

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