These Cat Food Subscriptions Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

No more midnight cat food runs 👏🍽

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The end of your cat’s food supply tends to sneak up on you, especially if you’re a busy pet parent.

And if you find yourself in that situation quite a bit, there are actually cat subscription services that’ll regularly drop food off right at your door (saving you a frantic trip to the store).

But with a whole bunch of options out there, it can be hard to tell which one is right for you — and your BFF.

So whether you want to stick to the brands your cat adores or give fresh food a try, The Dodo has broken down some of the biggest pet food subscription services.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

Amazon Subscription

Price: It varies depending on the product, but you can save up to 15 percent by subscribing. Some deals are up to 5 percent off automatic delivery, and others are 5 percent off your first delivery and 10 percent off recurring deliveries.

How It Works: When ordering applicable products, just select the “Subscribe & Save” option. From there, you can select the amount you want delivered, and how frequently you want to receive these deliveries. You can change these settings — or opt to skip a delivery — at any point under “Manage Your Subscriptions.”

What Sets It Apart: If you already have a brand of food you love, this is a good way to save money, especially if you know how often you’ll need to restock. There’s an option to filter your Amazon search for pet food for items that are eligible for Subscribe & Save.

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Chewy Autoship

Chewy Autoship

Price: It varies depending on the product, but you can save 50 percent off your first Autoship (up to $20) and 5 percent off select brands for all future deliveries.

How It Works: Similar to Amazon, you’ll click “yes, make my life easy” at checkout. You’ll be asked to select how often you want deliveries, which you can modify or skip under “Manage Autoship.”

What Sets It Apart: Like Amazon, Autoship allows you to stick with brands you already love, and you can filter searches for products that are eligible. This can also include prescription medications and refills — as long as you have a valid prescription. A team member will even reach out to your vet if they don’t have a prescription on file, or your current one is expiring (they’ll hit you up if they need other information). You can also order veterinary diet items, but they would need to be authorized by a vet before they can be eligible for Autoship.

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Smalls Autoship

Price: It varies, depending on how many cats you have and which plan you select. Here’s how the different plans typically break down (ranging from one to four cats):

  • 100 percent essential kibble: $10.50-$21 per week (aka about $1.50-$3 per day)
  • 100 percent fresh food: $27-$108 per week (aka about $4-$15 per day)
  • 75 percent essential and raw kibble, 25 percent fresh food: $18-$59.50 per week (aka about $2.50-$8.50 per day)
  • 75 percent essential kibble, 25 percent fresh food: $12.50-$41 per week (aka about $2-$6 per day)
  • 50 percent essential kibble, 50 percent fresh food: $21.50-$68 per week (aka about $3-$10 per day)
  • 50 percent raw kibble, 50 percent fresh food: $34.50-$120 per week (aka about $5-$17 per day)
  • 25 percent essential kibble, 75 percent fresh food: $21.50-$68 per week (aka about $3-$10 per day)
  • 25 percent raw kibble, 75 percent fresh food: $28-$112 per week (aka about $4-$16 per day)

If you aren’t vibing with any of these combos — or have more than four cats — you could email them for a more accurate estimate.

How It Works: The first thing you do is fill out a quiz about your cat (or cats). Based on your responses, Smalls will provide a few different plan options to choose from (as well as a more specific price breakdown). Once you pick the plan you want, they’ll send you a sampler to get your cat(s) started. Within the first week of receiving your sampler, someone on the Smalls team will check in with you to see how your cat likes the food. During your second week with the sampler, Smalls will have your first full order planned and will send you a summary of what’s included, as well as the cost. After that, they’ll send you a shipment every two, four or eight weeks (based on your preference). Orders are processed on Fridays and shipped on Tuesdays, and you can manage or cancel your subscription via text or email.

What Sets It Apart: The wet food is made with human-grade and fresh ingredients. They also have kibble, as well as freeze-dried raw food (that’s not kibble, but looks like it!). There are also other products, like treats, toppers and toys.

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Cat Person

Cat Person Subscription
Cat Person

Price: It varies depending on how many cats you have (and how much you feed them). Dry food-only monthly meal plans start at less than $2 per day. A wet and dry food plan costs on average $2.46 per day.

How It Works: First, you’ll fill out a quiz about your cat — or multiple cats — and his current diet, and Cat Person will come up with a custom meal plan for him. One week later, they’ll send you a starter box that has two different wet food options, and one dry food option. The starter box should feed your cat for two weeks, and you can adjust your plan based on what he does and doesn’t like. Two weeks later, you’ll get your first meal plan box, and those deliveries will occur every four weeks after that. You can always delay or cancel your subscription from your account.

What Sets It Apart: The food is designed for cats of all life stages (including kittens and pregnant cats). And if you aren’t feeling up to committing to a subscription quite yet, you can always order dry food, wet food or treats a la carte.

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Nom Nom

Nom Nom subscription
Nom Nom

Price: It varies, depending on your pet’s information. Nom Nom doesn’t provide pricing estimates, but you can get a personalized quote.

How It Works: You fill out a profile that includes your pet’s information, and choose which recipes you’d like to order. Then, Nom Nom will calculate how much your subscription will cost. When you sign up, you can choose to receive deliveries every week, every two weeks or every four weeks (and you can manage this from your account). The food is pre-cooked, and delivered in recyclable, insulated packaging.

What Sets It Apart: Nom Nom mainly makes dog food, but the subscription service actually has an option for cats as well. The meals are made with fresh ingredients approved for human consumption. They have full-portion and half-portion meal options for dogs, but only full portion meals are available for cats. There are also several recipe options for dogs, but only one for cats.

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