Best Cat Dandruff Shampoos To Add To Your Cat's Skin Care Routine

To help your cat's flaky skin and your human allergies.

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If you find yourself sneezing, coughing or itching your eyes after you cuddle with your cat, you may be suffering from a cat dander allergy. And if you’re noticing flakes on all your cat’s favorite nesting spots, then her dander may be causing her some discomfort, too.

Luckily, bathing your cat with dandruff shampoo can cut down on your allergy symptoms and make cuddle time so much more enjoyable for both of you. Plus, it’ll help your cat feel way more comfortable in her own skin.

Before you dive in to search for the best cat dandruff shampoo, it’s important to first confirm that your cat’s flaky skin isn’t a sign of a larger health problem. Make an appointment with your vet to get your cat’s overall health checked out and ask for advice on how to handle her dandruff. And make an appointment with your own doctor, too, who can confirm with an allergy test that you’re actually suffering from a cat allergy and not having an allergic reaction to something else.

Once you’ve confirmed that your cat is dealing with a simple case of dry skin that your vet believes can be aided with a topical dandruff shampoo, you can start looking at ones that both vets and pet parents have come to love and trust.

Benefits of a cat dandruff shampoo

Using dandruff shampoo during your cat’s bath routine can make both of you happier in the long run thanks to the formula’s moisturizing properties.

You’re treating your cat’s dry, itchy skin.

Most cat dandruff shampoos don’t just remove dandruff, but they actually replenish the skin with moisturizing factors to reduce further flaking and calm itchiness caused by dryness.

Your cat allergies may be reduced.

Pet allergies are linked to proteins found in an animal’s dead skin (aka dander), saliva and urine. So if you can reduce the amount of dander your cat sheds, then you may have less of an allergic reaction to her. Furthermore, bathing your cat also removes urine residue that may be left over from her trips to the litter box, which means even less dander to deal with.

How to find the best cat dandruff shampoo

According to veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Coates, who practices in Wyoming, Virginia and Colorado, cats with dry and flaky skin will benefit most from shampoos that include nourishing ingredients like oatmeal, ceramides, ophytrium and phytosphingosine.

“If your cat has oily, flaky skin, ingredients like salicylic acid, zinc gluconate, pyridoxine, ophytrium and seboliance are good choices,” Dr. Coates told The Dodo.

“Flaky skin can be a sign of a health problem,” Dr. Coates noted. “Make an appointment with your veterinarian to determine why your cat has flaky skin and what the best form of treatment might be.”

Your vet can help you figure out your cat’s skin type, pH levels and which of the above ingredients will help solve the problem. Furthermore, diet and environmental factors may also be to blame for your cat’s flaky skin, so be sure to fill your vet in on your cat’s eating habits, what detergents you use and any other details that may be important in regards to your cat’s skin health.

Best cat dandruff shampoos

Once you’ve gotten the OK to move forward and use a cat dandruff shampoo, check out these formulas that pet parents have said made a huge difference in the quality of their cats’ skin and also in their own cat dander allergies.

Best cat dandruff shampoo for dry skin: DUOXO Calm Shampoo

“DOUXO Calm Shampoo could work well for cats with sensitive or dry, flaky skin,” Dr. Coates said. DUOXO shampoo for dogs and cats is formulated with ophytrium that helps strengthen the skin barrier.

Best value cat dandruff shampoo for dry skin: DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo

Another option for a dandruff shampoo for dry skin recommended by Dr. Coates is DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo, which is packed with skin-restoring ceramides and calming colloidal oatmeal.

Best cat dandruff shampoo for greasy skin: DermaBenSs Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses

If your cat’s plagued with flakes and greasy skin, Dr. Coates recommends DermaBenSs Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid work together to degrease and ward off bacteria and fungal infections, while ceramides restore your cat’s damaged skin.

Best value cat dandruff shampoo: Arm & Hammer 2-in-1 Deodorizing & Dander Reducing Shampoo For Cats

Using the deodorizing power of baking soda, the Arm & Hammer 2-in-1 Dander Reducing Shampoo For Cats keeps dandruff down with calming lavender and chamomile. Its ingredients are safe enough to be used on kittens and cats alike, and pet parents say that it greatly reduced their allergic reactions to their cats’ dander.

Best cat dandruff shampoo to aid human allergies: Allerpet Cat Dander Remover

The Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is formulated to reduce dander loads by 50 percent when applied weekly. It cleanses and conditions the skin while removing dander before it gets the chance to become airborne, and all you need to do to use it is apply the dander remover to a clean towel and massage your cat’s coat — no water needed! Say goodbye to itchy eyes and sneezing.

Best cat dandruff shampoo with benzoyl peroxide: PetMD Benzoyl Peroxide Medicated Shampoo

Benzoyl peroxide is proven to aid scaly, itchy and uncomfortable skin while treating the discomfort at the source. The PetMD Benzoyl Peroxide Medicated Shampoo kills bacteria on contact, removes scales and lowers your cat’s pH levels so that more hydration can soak into her skin. Because this is a highly effective medicated shampoo, make sure you contact your vet before using it on your cat.

Best all-natural cat dandruff shampoo: Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo

Gentle, natural and safe to use on all animals in your household, the earthbath pet shampoo uses oatmeal and aloe to soothe sore and itchy skin and hydrate it to help keep dandruff to a minimum. This shampoo is ultra-concentrated, so you can also dilute it with water each time you use it.

With the help of a cat dandruff shampoo, you and your cat can both live happier, healthier (and flake-free) lives.

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