Cat Calendars That Will Get You Excited To Plan Your 2023

Because everyone needs more cats on their desk.

With 2022 coming to a close, it’s time to start piecing together your 2023. And if you’re the type who likes to see all your plans written down on paper, then you should check out these cat calendars that will help you stay organized in the year ahead.

From art wall calendars to daily photo desk calendars, there’s a 2023 cat calendar here that you’ll fall hard for. And you may even find something for your cat-loving friend, too (the holidays are here, after all!).

The cutest cat calendars to ring in 2023

Get excited to make some plans and get even more excited to write those plans in one of these cat calendars.

Cats getting into seasonal adventures: Jamie Shelman The 2023 Dancing Cat Calendar

This beautifully illustrated cat calendar from Jamie Shelman on Etsy shows some of the artist’s adorable cats getting into trouble during each month of the year. Each month is a separate sheet of paper, so there’s an option to buy a wooden easel for your calendar to sit on!

The only thing better than cats on Earth: TF Publishing Space Cats 2023 Calendar

If you have a goofy sense of humor, then you’ll love the “Space Cats 2023 Calendar” from TF Publishing. Each month serves up funny photoshops of cats hanging out in space, forming a galactic rock band, eating an ice cream sundae on the Milky Way and getting rolled into astronaut sushi, among other crazy scenes. Every time you check the date, you’ll give yourself a giggle.

Because, well, that’s how they are sometimes: TheRaccoonSociety 2023 Pissed-Off Cats Calendar

Cat parents know that most cats can sometimes have serious attitudes. And when things don’t go their way, the claws can come out. This hilarious calendar from TheRaccoonSociety on Etsy is filled with photos of real pissed-off cats as well as quips about what’s rubbing them the wrong way.

If you love cartoons: Mead Gary Patterson’s Cats Wall Calendar

This 16-month cat calendar from Mead is packed with fun Gary Patterson illustrations. You get pages from September 2022 through December 2023 so you can start your planning before next year even arrives. Plus, this wall calendar comes in a standard size as well as a mini size.

For those who appreciate the arts: Feline 2023: Terry Runyan’s Cats

Artist and illustrator Terry Runyan put all her favorite cat paintings into a single calendar for us to enjoy, and the illustrations are so whimsical you may just have to frame each one once the year is finished. 

Because you can’t beat cat photography: Lemome Home Cats Calendar 2023

This 18-month cat calendar has you covered from January 2023 all the way through to June 2024. The wall calendar features photos of adorable cats doing adorable cat things, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling every time you turn the page.

An adorable cartoon cat: DaniellaIllustrates Black Cat Calendar 2023

There’s nothing cuter than this cat calendar from DaniellaIllustrates on Etsy. Each month features a simple (and very cute) cat-centric design illustrated by Daniella Young with an easy-to-read grid calendar underneath.

A calendar that comes with stickers: Artico Cat Dreams Calendar 2023

There’s nothing cuter than sleeping kittens, and this cat calendar from Artico is treating you to a sleeping kitten every month of 2023. And this calendar comes with several sticker books to help you stay organized throughout the year and bring attention to special events.

For fans of social media’s favorite cat: Mead Grumpy Cat Mini Wall Calendar

The Grumpy Cat meme will never get old, and you can laugh your way all through 2023 with this Grumpy Cat wall calendar from Mead. Each month has a different picture of Grumpy Cat with a hilarious caption underneath that perfectly encapsulates just how grumpy he is.

Not your standard cat illustrations: The Artful Cat 2023 Wall Calendar

Endre Penovác’s beautiful brush and ink watercolor paintings of cats are on full display in “The Artful Cat” calendar. The pieces are so soft you’ll want to reach into the paintings to pet the subjects. Both cat lovers and art appreciators will love this wall calendar for 2023.

Cats and flowers are a perfect match: Lang Cats In The Country 2023 Wall Calendar

Persis Clayton Weirs illustrated this 2023 cat calendar from Lang showing country cats enjoying their foliage-filled surroundings throughout each month of the year. The images and calendar spreads are printed on high-quality linen-embossed paper stock, so the calendar will look as new in December 2023 as it did in January.

So you can have a cat a day: Workman Calendars 365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2023

“365 Cats” is called “The World’s Favorite Cat Calendar” for a reason. Each day of the year, you’ll be presented with photos of real cats from around the globe, submitted by their parents. And below each pic, you’ll get a cool cat fact, a funny quote or a tip on how to better connect to and train your BFF.

With calendars this cute, planning out your year ahead has never been more fun!

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